Wolves of Rome - A wolf fighting an undead

Wolves of Rome

Build - Conquer - Own

Wolves of Rome
Release Date
April 06, 2022

Wolves of Rome – Cardano NFT

A Magic: The Gathering inspired project that will introduce a user friendly Play-to-Earn game to the Cardano blockchain.


Wolves of Rome is a competitive trading card game that involves strategy, fun and of course both of the features to collect and earn. The project’s concept is set within the world of the Roman Empire but with a slight twist to the fantasy side. Specifically, we can see depictions of Roman werewolves, Egyptian liches and Carthaginian vampires consisting this realm. With many more factions to be added.

To be honest, the whole concept is definitely a reminder of Magic: The Gathering and you will see the similarities in the Artwork section below.

Furthermore, I want to expand a little bit more into the game mechanics and the whole approach of the game. Basically, Wolves of Rome will be a turn-based TCG, where each player has to choose his commander and build a deck around him. Now, this deck will be the tool that will let each player to earn while having fun.

In particular, there are four ways that a player can earn:

  • Trading his card NFTs
  • Competing in PvP battles
  • Completing missions, achievements and winning matches
  • Staking the native game token $WOR

Finally, it is important to note here that the game will not be totally dependent on the blockchain technology and will take a more newcomer friendly approach. But what do I mean by that? Well, the game will use the Choose-to-Mint approach, meaning that the players will choose whether they want to be part of the NFT world and if not then they just can continue playing with no restrictions.


The team seems like a very professional group and that can be noticed by the smallest of details. Also, the reason that I believe that this is the case, is because of the number of members involved in the project. Specifically, there are eighteen members and that gives me confidence that they actually are aware of the hard work that a game development requires.

Namely, we have Filip Bakija and Alexander Lacher, the Game Producer and CEO respectively. Next, we’ve got the creative team, Akira Atreides, Kyle Puller, Liam Summers, Monique Golan, Amber Opel, Riccardo Lovato and Jacopo Mazza. Moreover, there’s the developing team of course, Savio Callado Anciaes, Peter Jaschkowske and Edward Stan. Finally, we have the project and community members, Row Weber, Patrick Tobler, Steven Saif Auda, Arturs Semesins, Lucas Auda and Louwrens Lemmer.

If you want to meet the team and learn more about the project check the video AMA below:

Community (Discord & Twitter)

Communitywise the project seems to not receive the attention necessary that a game needs to support its ambitions. However, the nature of the project is way different than what we are used to and maybe that is the main reason that the members are so few.

So, not being dependent on the blockchain per se, it is trying to attract people from the gaming world as well. And the use of the NFTs and earning potential, act as a bonus feature for the gamers. Can it be that the marketing campaign is more active somewhere else?

Also, it is very possible that the team is waiting for the game release to start being more active in the promotion side. So that they can actually have a working product that they can use to promote the project. But then comes the question of, who is going to use the game if there is no community?

If you want to follow Wolves of Rome social media you can check here:

Artwork / Game

To be honest, here is where things start to get more interesting and where we understand how professional the team is. Each card reveal that we got so far is of the highest possible quality and by the looks of the game teaser, we get the message of a wonderful playing experience. Of course as I have said above, the depiction is that of certain factions, with many more added as the game progresses.

You can see some examples of the artwork and game teaser below:


The website is yet another feature that assures us of how experienced the team members are. Because this is definitely a website worthy of a future game. Also, it is informative, has a great overall structure and is very appealing.

Roadmap / Whitepaper

The roadmap is a very informative part of the project as well. In particular, the project will follow the usual ICO process in Q2 2022 to raise the necessary funds for the development continuation. Also, there will be some NFT drops and airdrops along the whole year of 2022. And most improtantly we will have the BETA game release in Q3 of the same year.

Additionally, if you want some more information concerning the game you can find everything in the project’s whitepaper.

Closing Thoughts

In my opinion, Wolves of Rome has definitely a bright future ahead of it with all this professional approach the team has. It shows to me that they are very experienced and that they strive for perfection. And that can be seen in the details. However, I think that they should focus on their community a bit more. And try to promote the project inside the CNFT community more actively.

Wolves of Rome - A wolf fighting an undead
Play-to-Earn Game in Production with an Interesting Concept
Highly Professional & Experienced Team
Extremely High Quality of Artwork & Game Graphics
Professional & Informative Website & Roadmap
Very Small but Active Community


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