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November 27, 2021

Wize Wizards – Cardano NFT

A project that focuses on Wizards, a magical being, often so powerful that can manipulate matter and time.


As young children, we always believed in their existence. The existence of magical beings that can bend the forces of nature to their own will. For thousands of years, there was no sign of them and we believed that they were afraid of humans. On the contrary, it was us that held them in chains out of fear. The hunt had no end and the survivors are now free to roam the Earth in search for their magical potions. Look no further but in your wallets, as those magical beings – The Wize Wizards, like to exist on the Cardano Blockchain.

This lore reminds me much of the Harry Potter books where wizards prefer their own realm (in this case the Cardano Blockchain) than the reality in which humans exist. According to the team the project instills a storyline to the community. Indeed a really interesting concept but where is this storyline? What I mean is that it has a beginning to make an entrance to the Cardano Blockchain. But will it have a continuation? That is not really clear and may confuse a lot of members.


The team is really casual as it seems and consists of four members at its core, but also has four moderators for their Discord server. And since my last review a lot of improvements in this field can be seen as well. For instance, we are finally aware of each ones role. So, to begin with we have of course the founders of the project and those are Matt (MoodyM) & Uktv . Furthermore, there are the developers, The Handler & Omelettes. And of course we cannot forget the moderators on Discord, Terry, Tory, Mizzle & Illest B. Now, during my reading though, the key question still remains: Who is the artist? Are we going to meet her (we get a clue that the artist is a female)? In conclusion we get quite enough information about the team which adds some credibility to them.

Discord & Twitter

The community is literally tiny but it has a sufficient activity for its size. The engagement I noticed in Twitter is corresponsive to its size, so no problems there. Likewise in Discord we have the same phenomenon. Equally important the fact that the team made clear that they want an organic community growth. But where is the effort to do that? The best possible way to succeed in this field is to take a look at the ways of already successful projects like GrumpyBunny, HappyHoppers, VeggieMates etc. Maybe even add an expert on that field to the team.

Furthermore, it is noticeable the dedication of the team to work along with the community for different matters. For instance, future developments, insight on community growth and more importantly the creation of a DAO. Specifically, this DAO will be called The Cauldron which will act as a purchasing NFT wallet with the holders of Wize Wizards having a say. In addition to being a royalties distribution wallet (75% in total to the holders). Finally, the Cauldron wallet now contains at the moment of writing 22 tokens but who made the decision for their purchase? This is a little bit confusing to be honest.

If you want to follow Wize Wizards social media you can check here:


The artwork honestly reminds me of Gandalf the Gray from The Lord of the Rings. It mainly depicts someone with the likes of Gandalf but with different accessories, robes and backgrounds. What confuses me is the choices made by the team in general.

To begin with, the origins collection consists of 75 wizards, why did it have to be a generative collection of the same wizard? I mean the drop is so small that with a bit more work 75 different wizards could have been introduced! Likewise, there could be a bit more creativity involved because the wizard is honestly a copy-paste version of Gandalf. I am eager to see what the Series 1 will have in store for us!

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is finally live and running and I have to admit that it was probably worth the wait, as the result is quite amazing. I just love all those little effects that the team included to introduce the backstory of each colony and the theme that was chosen. Finally and more importantly, the website includes pretty much everything to explain their project to the potential investors. Overall, I can safely say that it has a professional touch.


Since my initial review the roadmap not only got the attention it deserved but also has a great presentation as well. Also, it remains very informative, with the an added timeline and with it, we know exactly what the future holds for the Wize Wizards.

For more details check here.

Closing Thoughts

The project has really evolved since I last saw it and I have to give my respects to the team for that. Due to their efforts we have a very professional website, a comprehensible roadmap and we finally know the role of each member. However, some of the drawbacks did not change during this time. For example, the lack of effort on the Community growth. As the situation hasn’t improved much. But I believe that if the team keeps grinding, they will achieve a lot.

Wize Wizards
Passionate Team with a Desire to grow an Organic Community
Holder Rewards
Comprehensible & Well Presented Roadmap
Informative & Professional Website
Unclear Storyline
No real effort in the growth of the Community
Artwork could definitely use some creativity


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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