A pack of dogs with different traits and accessories


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WildDogz - Cardano NFT
Release Date
May 08, 2022

WildDogz – Cardano NFT

A project that will introduce the African Wild Dogs as NFTs to the Cardano Community and commence an actual blockchain Dog Fighting.


Have you ever heard ofDog Fighting? If not, let me tell you that it’s actually a thing, which dates back thousands of years. Specifically, Dog Fighting is a type of a blood sport that turns dog species against one another in a ring or a pit for the purposes of gambling or entertainment. Crazy right? So, let’s see what is the WildDogz project and what does it have to do with that fact.

WildDogz is a NFT project that will introduce its own version of Dod Fighting, with ADA prizes not just for the three finalists but for the whole community through gambling. Let me explain:

To begin with, the battle will take place in a virtual platform and it will begin once the whole collection is minted. But here is the catch, the only NFTs that can compete in these battles, are the Kings and the Punks32 NFT Leaders each. And yes that makes the Leaders the most rare ones.

Additionally, it is important to note that the battles won’t have the usual fighting game style, like let’s say Tekken. But will happen in the more traditional way of community voting. And throughout this voting people can bet on the outcome – making gambling possible.

Finally, you must have noticed that the collection is based on the African Wild Dog, an endangered species that lives in the hot plains of Africa. And the reason for that is to raise not only awareness but also funds for their conservation.


The team consists of four members, of whom we know very little about. However, one of the co-founders is Andrew of Ad Astra Stake Pool , which is one of the most reliable SPOs in the Cardano ecosystem. And this information is probably the reason which I believe that gives them some credibility points.

The other co-founder’s name is Christos, who is also the Head of Marketing. Likewise, the team is accompanied by Ivan and Amy, who are in charge of the community. And here arises my question, who is the artist?

To conclude, I would like to point that even though the credibility is there, the team could add a few words about themselves and probably some of their background. In general, be more transparent to the people that don’t know them.

Discord & Twitter

As far as the community is concerned, we can see that it’s pretty small, and that is my biggest concern taking into account their launch, which is bound to happen at the end of May 2022. So, here is my suggestion for the team, I believe that the launch should be delayed till further traction comes into play.

To explain, launching a 10k generative project with such a small community can be the reason for it to fail. But how to gain a community? Be active in the CNFT space, talk to as many spaces as possible, host AMAs and explain your project, but more importantly connect and collaborate with other CNFT projects.

Last but not least, after you’ve gained your community, keep them engaged and interested in your project as much as possible. That goes for after the mint as well.

If you want to follow WildDogz social media you can check here:


The artwork, as I have already mentioned, features the African Wild Dogs – a change here from all the ape projects. The depiction is done with hard, clean outlines and attention to details is given to the accessories. We can also see that a lot of them refer to infamous characters, as well as african tribes. Finally, I can see that there was definitely some effort in the pieces, but my question still remains, who is the artist?

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


I like the whole structure that we have here in the website, from the design to the used fonts. It really feels like a professional work. However, there is this tiny error which maybe the team didn’t notice – the permalinks in secondary pages. Also, I believe that there needs to be a proper team section with an introduction to each member as well.


The roadmap is straight to the point and one of the simplest that I have ever seen. In particular, it goes from minting, straight to the Fight Club, which will be held for exactly one year. Maybe here I can add a couple of questions, is that all there is to the project? And what will happen to the project after the Fight Club is over? Some transparency could shed some light.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

WildDogz is a really cool project with a distinctive concept and a credible team. However, there are some questions that remain unanswered and there needs to be more transparency with the community overall. Also, I will insist on delaying the mint with such a small and inactive community. Because once again, that usually feels like a cashgrab and its a sure recipe to failure.

A pack of dogs with different traits and accessories
Distinctive Concept
Credible Team (Based on the backing of a familiar SPO)
Cool Artwork
Cool Website Design (with minor errors - also I believe it misses a proper Team Section)
Most of Team remains anonymous (I believe that the rest of the Team needs to be more Transparent)
Small & Inactive Community


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