We're all Programmed

We’re all Programmed

Are we as free as we think we are?

We're all Programmed
Release Date
April 18, 2022

We’re all Programmed – Cardano NFT

An art-based project that wants to deliver a deeper message about our so called “freedom”.


We have all been programmed to some degree and it would be a lie if we claimed otherwise. I mean the fact that our lives are controlled by the social media is no secret to most of us; we just have to accept the reality right? Actually, we don’t and it is our responsibility to break the chains.

We’re all Programmed is a project that would like to open our eyes into the sad reality and maybe help us realize what’s wrong with it. Specifically, what it tries to say is that we are no different than the rest of the organisms on planet Earth. And that we need no more than the planet provides us to actually be happy. Quite interesting for a perspective, ain’t it?

Overall, the project is one of the few in the NFT space that not only focuses on deeper matters of life but also its artwork is special 1/1 pieces. And that I can very much respect. Finally, I would like to point here that the whole concept reminds me of the projects Lucid Dream and Universe 25, that talk about similar concerns.


The project is a creation of a single artist named Maxi, a talented individual from Argentina. Of course his experience is noticeable through the pieces that are available to us. Also, from the information that we have about him, I can understand that Maxi really cares about what he does and he wants to provide the highest possible quality to the community. Finally, it is important to note that he tries to be as transparent as possible, even though his project is completely art-based.

Discord & Twitter

The community of the project is tiny at the time of writing. However, I am not that concerned about it just because the artist focuses on providing 1/1 pieces. So, I guess the community is true art enthuasiasts, which overall is quite wonderful and rare. Furthermore, the feedback from them is quite great. Therefore, I believe that the artist needs to promote himself on top of the project in general.

If you want to follow We’re all Programmed social media you can check here:


The art pieces are quite rare by themselves, as they are 1/1s and hand drawn. This means that the artist is giving extra care on the artwork you hold. Also, the quality is quite amazing, highlighting robotic pieces, cables and everything that is connected to being a cyborg. Finally, the art style follows that of a comic book, which to be honest is close to my liking.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


Being very small and focusing on creating unique artwork, the project has no website for the time being. However, remember that I said the artist needs to promote himself more? That can be another great opportunity to do so. What I mean? Well, there can definitely be a website focusing on him exclusively and showcasing his artwork in general – including We’re all Programmed.


The roadmap is pretty straight forward and doesn’t need more information than it currently has. In particular, it describes the collection parts which are dropping each week. And that’s it, 1/1 art pieces dropping every week.

Closing Thoughts

We’re all Programmed is a unique project by itself because it focuses on the true meaning of art. Specifically, a hand drawn collection that is not generated by any algorithmic program and provides quality. Also, the artist is hard working, transparent and is very straight forward with what he offers. But I believe that he is quite humble and needs to start promoting himself as an artist, more actively.

We're all Programmed
Concept with Real-Life Concerns
Transparent & Hard-Working Artist
Art-Based Community
Quality & Detailed Artwork
Straight Forward Roadmap
Small Community
The Artist needs to Promote himself
No Website


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