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Unique Figures
Release Date
March 25, 2022

Unique Figures – Cardano NFT

A project that comes to remind us our childhood toy characters in the form of NFTs.


Unique Figures is a project that focuses on the uniqueness of every individual. And they try to show it through art. I am not sure if I understand the ‘how’ in the depiction, but the thought certainly caught my attention. For the moment, it seems like an art-based project, but the team didn’t dismiss the utility side. Now, as the community grows the team will test their powers for the project’s development. This simply means that they do not want to make false promises, but rather deliver whatever it is in their power.


Unfortunately I could not find any information concerning the team. Even though I noticed there was an “about us” channel on Discord, it does not exist anymore. Of course, I will encourage the team to provide again a channel with information about the members. Also, I would suggest that they attend possible interviews and host AMAs themselves. Because that way, they will gain the credibility that every project seeks in this chaotic market. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the team seems really friendly and passionate about the continuation of their project.

Discord & Twitter

Even though the community has some active members, it is really tiny at the time of writing. Also, what’s interesting enough, is the team’s dedication on building a strong community. So here comes the confusing part for me. Why did they decide to drop their first series without a strong community? What I can understand though is that probably the project needed the initial funds to continue its development. Which I guess can answer the above question. However this does not change the fact that they probably should have gotten a bigger community before launch.

If you want to follow Unique Figures social media you can check here:


The artwork is quite unique comparatively to most NFTs I have seen so far. It is a simple depiction of a gift box with packed miniature figures of humans, animals and various other things. It reminds me of presents I was given when I was a kid. Also, the depiction is based on thick outlines and minimal colors, which reminds me of cartoon and comic characters such as Snoopy.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The team did not deliver any website yet, but I hope it will soon. At least we are aware that it is under construction and that they hope for the best outcome. Also, I would like to remind you here that a website can work in favor of the project as it mainly acts as the face of the project.


We can find the roadmap on Discord. It is displayed as a comic page and refers to the main goals the team has for 2022. Overall, the depiction is cool, the roadmap for its current plans is pretty clear and I am eager to find out how the project develops further.

Closing Thoughts

Unique Figures is a project with an interesting philosophy and cheerful artwork. However, I believe that there are some details that keep the project behind. Such details are the lack of a professional website or team introduction. Finally, I would like to note that the community is still small and the drop seemed a bit rushed.

Unique collaboration with Axols
Simple & Honest Concept
Cheerful & Cartoon-Like Artwork
Clear Roadmap
Anonymous Team
Very Small Community (but Active)
No Website yet


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