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@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Unbothered Wolves
Release Date
September 28, 2022

Unbothered Wolves – Cardano NFT

A project that brings up nostalgic cartoon vibes and an unusual ambition to offer space where CNFT community can chill out and have fun.


To my honest understanding, Unbothered Wolves is specifically a PFP project, with focus on cheerful wolf art.

Now, even though there are no high ambitions yet, it is important to note that we we are left with hints that there might be. But who knows, maybe the team will just leave it as is – art-based. Nevertheless, there is an introduction of a lore in the project’s Discord server, which could indicate the development of a story to be used somewhere. Is that the case? I guess we’ll find out.

According to this lore, wolves were always hidden away from civilization living a peaceful life and away from the noice of humans. However, after an asteroid strike, everything changed. The wolves started mutating, they acquired a stronger brain and the unusual ability of “unbothered-ness” – an ability that allowed them to remain away from humans continuing their quiet life. Funny how things seem to change, yet remain the same, huh?

Finally and according to the project’s FAQ channel on Discord, there will be a token release, the $AWOO token (I think that the name is brilliant). However, no clear and further explanation was given about its utility.

To sum up, I can only assume that Unbothered Wolves is art-based at the moment where of course you should only dive into if you love their art.


As long as I am considering the project or any project for that matter close to art, then ofc course I have no problem with the team being anonymous. But who knows maybe their website will reveal more than I could find so far. Additionally, I should mention that they caught the attention of the CNFT community. That suggests communication and marketing skills to me!

Discord & Twitter

Of course the project is only just starting. But a statement to escape reality, relax and have fun was made. And the best place to achieve that (so far) is none other than Discord. Which is the main reason that the majority of the activity can be seen in there. But don’t you underestimate Twitter because it has some amazing engagement to show as well. I am just curious to see if this activity stays true even after the minting phase, which of course I wish for them.

If you want to follow Unbothered Wolves social media you can check here:


The project’s key strength is, of course, the artwork: cheerful, colorful and cartoonish! Wolves are the main characters appearing somehow goofy with a plethora of cool features. It reminds me of Wile the coyote from The Road Runner Show. Do you remember coyote’s face expression after every failure? Well, these are the memories I happily recall when I look at Unbothered Wolves’ artwork. Check below and maybe you’ll agree with me.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


Unfortunately, the website is still under construction and we cannot yet see its design. However, we can expect it to be simple, professional and giving emphasis to the artwork. For example, I would expect the team to choose a single-page website, since there is not much information to share. On that single page, the artwork and lore can play theleading part.


According to the team, “No Roadmap yet, no empty promises”. So, they choose to launch the project on quality artwork alone. And to be honest, this shows confidence. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that roadmaps are not necessary elements for such projects.

Closing Thoughts

Art was always part of human civilizations and blockchain cannot be an exception. For this reason, we can see art projects rise all the time in the NFT space. However, in our case Unbothered Wolves is project that doesn’t state its identity clearly, which only shows me that the team isn’t quite sure what they’ll do with their artwork. Definitely not a problem with me, as long as you communicate this with your community clearly. If you set this part aside though, you will find it really fun to hang out in their Discord server.

Ambition to create a Community Friendly Project (I would appreciate more info though)
Continuous Community Growth & Engagement
Cheerful Artwork
Website Under Construction (Not Negative)
No Roadmap (We have hints that it may come to fruition - I wouldn't call that negative)
Anonymous Team (If the project stays art-based it's not a negative)
Not enough info on $AWOO


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