A group of people dressed in different clothes, zombie king samurai queen indian robot zombie alien viking mexican russian

Time Trotters

A harmonious society of multiple species!

Time Trotters
Release Date
October 25, 2021

Time Trotters – Cardano NFT

A project with potential and a unique rarity system that lost relevance.


Time Trotters is a project focused around 12 main characters (Samurai, Persian, Totem, Skeleton, Cyborg, Matryoshka, Alien, Inuit, Viking, Zombie, Astronaut, and Caveman). Each character has his own backstory and created having in mind different issues bothering our century. The rarity system is very unique and one of the most complicated I have ever seen, not a bad thing but could be confusing to the average investor. This rarity system is called a Dynamic Rarity & introduces merging (where the total supply of trotters gets smaller), which I have found to be a bit overwhelming. It’s like putting together a 1 million pieces puzzle and you have to do it in 1 hour – Thankfully there is a detailed explanation for it.

Check the links below to learn more about the system:


The team is very big and consists of 7 members: Founders – Spacewolf (of whom the twitter account was deleted), the Project Manager & Shaahin the Developer. The Creative team – Salma (Creative Advisor), Sara (Designer) & Scorching Winter (Creative Writer), and finally the Technical team – Siavash (UI/UX Designer) & Farshad (Developer). The team as far as I saw tries to be as friendly as possible and is being helpful in most cases (The support ticket bot is active and working and when tried it an answer came right away, the first time, and took some time for the second try). There is some kind of transparency as the information found is just written with no links to socials attached & the only linked information that could be found had a deleted account which raised my concerns.

More on the team can be found here.

Discord & Twitter

The community on their socials is above average but what was noticed is that there is a very low activity in both. It seems like the team stopped trying to keep the project relevant after the drops. Interest of the community slowly faded and the project remains stagnant ever since. There are no events & no giveaways conducted. At least there was a collaboration with the CNFTcon team for an airdrop to the Legacy Pass Holders – an activity after a long time.

If you want to follow Time Trotters’s social media you can check here:


Twelve colorful characters (fictional and non) that are very simple yet cleverly drawn. Besides the characters, comic-book designs are also introduced which explain a little on the background of each character. I could see the artwork and NFTs being the comics rather than the characters in this project.

Some examples of the artwork can be seen below:


Found the website through their twitter page. The first experience was dissapointing as it takes you to a link organizer with more than half non-operational. The actual website is well organized and with all the information in there with a detailed explanation on everything. The design is professional and suits the theme but it needs to be separated from the link organizer, so as to become more user friendly.


If you are trying to find a roadmap for this project you will not find any. Why did this project ever been created? What does it want to accomplish? Nothing gets answered.

Closing Thoughts

Do not get me wrong the project is not a scam but has lost its charm. The interest of the investors faded away and the team seem to not care. Something drastic needs to be done because soon there will not be a project to talk about. With a little restructuring, reorganization and a new plan the project can become a lot more relevant.

A group of people dressed in different clothes, zombie king samurai queen indian robot zombie alien viking mexican russian
Art Variation
Overwhelming rarity system
Founder with a deleted Twitter account
Absent Activity
No Roadmap


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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