A black mausoleum in a swampy area

The Mallard Order

A Secret Society

@KKPoliti & @HenryTG6
The Mallard Order
Release Date
July 02, 2022

The Mallard Order – Cardano NFT

An enigmatic project which reveals its secrets only to the most zestful members.


The Mallard Order is a secret society of Ducks hell-bent on dominating Cardano”. As we can see from this introductory phrase on the website, the enigmatic atmosphere is dominant and our engagement is necessary in order to unlock the mysteries of this project. It is true that we do not know yet if the project is merely art-based or if there are any plans for utility, because the team does not share much more information. But even though this seems quite odd for a new project, I find it really clever. And the fact that the hidden information is a tool to build a strong community and not just hype makes it an interesting growth approach.


The team consists of four members: Demosthenes the Director and Chief Strategist, Nemesis the Artist and Creative Director, Crypt Keeper the Developer, and Brane the second Artist. In regards, to this information, I have to add that usually it’s not enough to gain the trust of a community.

And here comes one of the most controversial topics in the NFT space. Should the team reveal themselves or is it ok to keep their identities secret? Well, it depends.

Even though I prefer transparency, I do recognize that many projects have managed to keep their identities hidden and at the same time gain the community’s trust through results. So, it is up to the team to obtain credibility with or without doxxing. Also, there’s a possibility of the project being just art-based, which by my standards does not need it.

Finally, it is important to note here that remaining secret matches the mysterious concept of this project.

Discord & Twitter

The project has been lurking Twitter for quite sometime now and it hosts almost 8k members, which means that they have achieved a significant growth. And in turn, managed to attract the interest of the CNFT community. However, their Discord server is the most important one, as it functions as the main tool to share information, update the roadmap and give the community a space to engage. Consequently, if you want to learn more about the project, you’ll have to be an active member of the community.

If you want to follow The Mallard Order social media you can check here:


The artwork is the most displayed part of the project, which makes me lean towards art significance. In my opinion it is joyful since it reminds me of my childhood cartoons, which I used to watch. In particular, we can see many samples depicting portraits of the Mallards with various traits, from a Pharaoh to a Cardinal. And if you are wondering about the coloring, take a look below. The contrast and tones contribute to this high-quality results.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website looks really professional and the design matches the theme perfectly. Also, it is true that it is not very enlightening because it does not share much information, but remember this is part of the concept. To conclude, as stated earlier, the mysterious mood is the key factor of their successful marketing.


The enigmatic atmosphere of the project is also obvious on the roadmap. Why? Because only the first phase is accessible to everyone. In this phase, the Mallards take their first steps to conquer the Cardano community. They created a website, a Twitter and Discord account, and sent some Grand Ceremony Invitation Letters to some lucky followers. But the most interesting part of the first phase is, of course, the upcoming minting. When all the Mallards find their digital homes, the Phase II will be unlocked. But do not expect me to reveal any more information, because the Grand Master Duck lurks around. If you are interested in finding out what is coming next, you need to join the order.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

The Mallard Order is a secret society where each member should be an active one in order to win their access to important information. This mysterious nature of the project is not very common, but it already works quite well. The most interesting part, in my opinion is that the team does not seem to look for the hype, but conversely to find a way to build a zealous and engaged community.

A black mausoleum in a swampy area
Mysterious Concept with Emphasis on the Community Engagement.
Joyful & High-Quality Artwork
Huge & Engaging Community
Professional Website
No Clear Goals (Taking into Account the Nature of the Project, it's not necessarily a Negative)
Anonymous Team


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