Colorful Flamingos with a bunch of accessories

The JRney

An Adventurous Journey

@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
The JRney
Release Date
August 11, 2022

The JRney – Cardano NFT

A project full of excitement, art and an unfolding story full of adventures.


At some point in time, I am sure that each one of us wished for something different, maybe a reality more enjoyable than what we currently have. I mean think about it, who wouldn’t want to travel for a living and have the adventure of his life. And just like our friend Junior the Flamingo, who follows his dream to live an adventure, you can do the same if you want it enough.

But who is Junior and what is his adventure?

Junior is the main character of The JRney project, whose experiences we follow throughout the whole Cardano NFT ecosystem. In particular, his adventure unfolds as the project progresses with his starting point being Lollapalooza, a festival in Brazil.

So, why did Junior choose this place as a starting point? His friends in Altai needed a mascot and what better candidate than a flamingo? (We will speak more about Altai in the Team section below)

Thenceforward, Junior enters the Cardano NFT ecosystem, thus beginning the unfolding of his journey. Along the way he meets and collaborates with a plethora of other project characters, signaling the birth of new flamingo friends.


Figuring out the faces behind the project is really easy by just visiting the team section on their Discord server. I would say that the transparency level is well established with an experienced team in marketing, entrepreneurship and design.

So, let’s start with the introductions then, shall we?

Firstly we get to meet the talented artist Paloso, a self-taught plastic artist with experience not only in traditional and digital illustrations, but also in sculpture, product design and animation. Next, we can find the introduction of Riko, the motion designer who creates the entertaining videos of JRney. Additionally, there is Cleitimba, responsible for the marketing. He is an engineer and owns (along with Poste and Paloso) three companies related to entertainment and parties. Of course, Poste and Lucas (Lemos) are a big part and minds behind the marketing of this projects along with Cleitimba.

Furthermore, we have Rafa who is the founder of Altai, the clothing brand behind JRney. Last but not least, we cannot forget about Cowboy, the web designer.

Get to meet Cleitimba and Riko in the video below:

Community (Discord & Twitter)

To be honest, this is one of the rare occasions where an art-based project attracts so much attention even in its first steps. In other words, the community is quite large, a lot of whom are quite active and supportive. It is also true that both Twitter and Discord are updated and well-organized, and if you need to have fun and interact with other members, Discord offers a lot of interesting channels.

If you want to follow The JRney’s social media you can check here:


If you are looking for some cheerful artwork, then you are in the right place. To illustrate, JRney’s artwork contains PFP depictions of fancy flamingos combining various traits from other species (e.g. antlers) and other projects. Also, the colors are vivid and the details speak about a talented artist. Lastly, we can also find some interesting traits that we do not meet quite often in other collections. If I had to explain it with one word, that would be genius’.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website uses vivid colors, which I expected given the nature of the project and has that playful feel into it. Also, I can agree that it has a lot of information and clearly shows its artistic side. What could maybe be improved there, is the visibility of the menu bar while scrolling down.


The roadmap is simply divided into four phases. The first two refer to the launch of the project with the social media’s release, the community growth and the first art pieces. Now, we are at the beginning of the third phase, a bit after the JRney’s drop. In this phase we can expect some airdrops for holders and royalties’ distribution. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the next phase will give holders the permission to decision making. However, apart from the absence of a timeline, I also believe that the roadmap is not quite clear concerning the future plans.

Closing Thoughts

The JRney is a cheerful and fun art-based product enriched with an adventurous lore. Also, the team consists of seven transparent and professional members who can lead the project to success. Personally, I like the fact that the colors of the artwork are so vividly pleasant, an element obvious on the website as well. However, the roadmap is quite vague and we cannot really understand where the project is heading.

Colorful Flamingos with a bunch of accessories
Amazing Artwork (with Genius Traits)
Transparent and Professional Team
Appropriate Website
Large Community
The Roadmap could be Clearer


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