a group of rabbits holding weapons and posing in front of the meadow

The Burrow

Welcome to the Burrow!

The Burrow
Release Date
October 16, 2021


The Burrow – Cardano NFT

A prominent project with an upcoming gambling NFT game.


The Burrow is based around the ecosystem of rabbits with sights of releasing a Gambling NFT Game on the Cardano ecosystem. The project is called “Gambling Den” and to participate, at least 1 Rabbit NFT must be held in a Cardano wallet. The game is a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game with coded rules to help determine the winner. The one to win takes the betting pot & provides a 1% fee to “The Burrow”.


A four member team on whom the only information that could be found was in the website. Charles, the Project Manager – Li, the Developer – Allison, the Lead Designer and Yror, Social Media Manager. That is pretty much it for the team, there are no social accounts linked or any other helpful sources to add some credibility to the project. Adequate transparency is provided through the project’s whitepaper where their plans for the future are revealed and how the gaming mechanism will be implemented. Overall, the team respects its community and tries to be as helpful as possible.

The whitepaper is an interesting read and can be found here.

Discord & Twitter

A small community backing the project and activity throughout both socials is minimal (few regular people – what seems like early supporters and thats about it). In Twitter the team is posting actively but the engagement from the community is low to non-existent. The team’s engagement with other CNFT projects is non-existent as well, which is really bad for their reputation. Some positive stuff that were found is the existence of a couple of giveaways and future plans of many events (e.g. Treasure Hunts), which shows the intention to keep the community around for a very long time.

If you want to follow The Burrow’s social media you can check here:


The artwork is really simple with no details to make it at least special. Other than the fact that a meaning is attached to it (donation to a bunny rescue organization) the artwork could be a lot better.

Some examples of the artwork can be seen below:


The website is one of the few positive features that I have found so far in this project. It is nicely organized with a simple format used. All the information describing the project is attached in there and a research can be thoroughly be conducted using it.


To view the roadmap you need to head into the whitepaper. The game development will start in Q4 2021 and a plethora of events will start from Q1 2022. very single detail is included in the roadmap and a willingness to develop further existent.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

The project has a deeper purpose and a goal to reach. The goal is interesting enough and remains to be seen in action. As far as the donation is concerned it would be nice to know the partnered charity as it is not entirely clear and the portion of ADA promised to be donated – as stated many times, transparency is needed!

a group of rabbits holding weapons and posing in front of the meadow
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