The Book of Ikigai

The Book of Ikigai

Anime Project on Cardano

The Book of Ikigai
Release Date
June 06, 2022

The Book of Ikigai – Cardano NFT

A collection of avatar NFTs that aims to bridge the gap between Cardano and Ethereum via the vast world of the Book of Ikigai.


What does Ikigai mean exactly? Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your reason for being. ‘Iki’ in Japanese means ‘life’, and ‘gai’ describes value or worth. So, your ikigai is your life purpose or your bliss. Basically, it’s what brings you joy and inspires you to get out of bed every day.

The Book of Ikigai – a wonderful choice of words by the team for the project, don’t you think? To my understanding and according to the team’s core value of the community, the project is inclusive to everyone that truly wants to find their purpose in life. Could that be the case? It only remains to be seen.

But let’s cut to the chase, shall we? So, what the project is all about?

The Book of Ikigai, has three core values:

  1. The vision, to bring not only an alluring quality art, but to also open up a new series of manga to the community
  2. The community, that will be the key element for the future of the project
  3. And the Cross-chain Harmony, to bridge the gap between the Cardano and Ethereum blockchains.

And with these, the team’s journey begins.


To begin with, I would like to point out that the majority of the team members have been involved in the CNFT ecosystem for a good amount of time. So naturally, there should be no concerns of their credibility. Specifically, they are very experienced, not only in the Web3 but in real life in general and from my personal experience they all seem to care about quality.

But before we move to introductions, it is important to also note that the team consists of two groups and all of them play a big role in the project’s success.

Firstly, we have the founding team, comprising of three members. David Pelaez(a.k.a. Tetsuo), an artist with over ten years of experience in this field. Next, we have Maria Papageorge , an experienced business owner and the project manager. And finally, Peppers, the man behind the Cypherkicks project and the strategist of Ikigai.

Finally, we have the partners team, comprising of the Secret Goat Society, responsible for the minting. Also, the whole Peppermint team, responsible of the development of the project. And last but not least Rroiie, an experienced consultant to the project and member of the Shark Tank Twitter space.

Meet the team in the Twitter space recording below:

Discord & Twitter

Since the launch of the project, The Book of Ikigai has been seeing a fast adoption by the CNFT community and an organic growth in general. Additionally, there is a good amount of engagement between its members in both of the socials. Two points that I just love seeing. However, my personal favorite is the collaborations part, which I believe the team should increase.

If you want to follow The Book of Ikigai social media you can check here:


The artist here is using a style that is most commonly used in comics and mangas, with the deep black shadowing. And to be honest, that style is one of my favorite, because it adds details with a little bit of a mystery to the piece. Now speaking of details, I would appreciate it if an extra layering of color shadowing was there. In my opinion, it would add more vividness. But art tastes differ from person to person and the overall look of the artwork is really cool. Finally, the manga series art remain yet to be seen.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is pretty simple, yet nicely made in terms of design and in general quite informative. Also, I would like to add here, how wonderful the logo of the project is. It really fills up the whole website and it truly feels like a Japanese manga project.


The roadmap is visual and you can see it, either in Discord or the front page of the website. Really informative as well but its missing a timeline, which would help us understand what happens after the minting process is over. But I am sure it will be added sometime in the near future.

To illustrate the roadmap, we will have a manga series, as I mention above, which will have a physical copy for the hardcore collectors. Also, an Ethereum NFT airdrop will take place to the Cardano holders, thus starting the bridge between the two blockchains. Finally, there will be a community treasury and merchandise of the brand.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

The Book of Ikigai is one of those projects that have a very thought out concept, which has a purpose in the Web3. Hence the name afterall. A product of a very experienced and transparent team, that the community trusts. And as a result we have a fast-growing adoption by them. Finally, the artwork is really cool and to be honest I cannot wait to see sneak peeks of the manga series.

The Book of Ikigai
Anime Concept with a Cross-chain Vision
Credible, Experienced & Transparent Team
Fast-Growing & Engaging Community
Cool Artwork
Informative Website & Roadmap
The Roadmap needs a Timeline


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