A neoclassical room filled with Ape Portraits

The ADApes Society

An Artistic Experience

The ADApes Society
Release Date
February 02, 2022

The ADApes Society – Cardano NFT DAO

A project that combines the artistic values of the NFTs and the benefits of a DAO into one entity.


The ADApes Society is a project that wants to bring the best from two worlds, that of an art-based project and the benefits of a DAO system (community-based). Starting with the artistic side, it is a collection of seven thousand unique apes exclusively for the Cardano Blockchain. And their purpose? To be one of the most unique looking pieces so far on the blockchain. Now, holding one of these pieces gives you access to the Society and of course the community-based DAO.

To begin with, I would like to point here that the Society and the DAO is two different aspects of the whole concept. Likewise, the Society has two aspects, a helpful community and a Utility (Passive Income) in the form of an escrow system. So, the explanations are there but they are scattered; do not expect newbies to search for them in the announcements channel on Discord. Furthermore, concerning the DAO: Do we get to choose if we want to participate? Also, what are the benefits of being a DAO member? I mean you are trying to build a DAO and this as everyone knows, is currently a hot topic. So what is it exactly that differenciates you from the rest?

Overall, the project is on the right track with its aspirations, as we will see later on in the Artwork section. But we need an understanding of what it is all about, clearly and preferably somewhere that the community can easily access. Because, an announcement on Discord is not a solution, as newer members will try and search the website for example or a respective channel for explanations. And don’t forget that a DAO, is not a DAO until it is fully run by the community.


The team consists of three members but we have no idea who they are and what their background is. From an artistic point of view, that probably is acceptable, because art is something wonderful. And if it is good, then you need to value it accordingly. But from the Utility and DAO point of view, I would like to understand to whom I am giving my precious $ADA.

So basically, we have their alias names only, Cardman, Congo and Matasa. And their Twitter accounts are pretty new to gain any credibility whatsoever. Now, if you research a bit in Discord you will see that the team is quite transparent, willing to provide a thorough explanation and are quite friendly.

Discord & Twitter

From the community point of view, we all are aware of the craze that goes on around apes. And this project is no different. With a huge, supportive and enthusiastic community, I can safely say that the project won the hearts of the Cardano Community. Well probably, it is the amazing artwork that did the job. So, entering their Discord server, you will find a vivid activity, with members being really proud, in a way, to own a piece of ADApes Society. Finally, you can clearly see the engagement, going through the roof in each of their posts on Twitter. These are characteristics that usually define a project with a bright future.

If you want to follow The ADApes Society’s social media you can check here:


The artwork mainly depicts apes from another century, but combined with elements of a modern society. Also, the pieces are trying to bring forth a more realistic look, given that the shading and the small details on their clothes and skin. Furthermore, the coloring is not so vivid, proving my previous statement. Overall, the artwork is really good, of the highest quality and there was surely a lot of effort involved in their making.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The structure of the website is really good, it has the main parts in there and is really appealing, from a designing point of view. However, it lacks the information necessary, so that we can understand the project clearly. And the best solution that I think of, is for the team to provide us with a whitepaper.


The roadmap is simple and straight to the point. The team wants to create the Community DAO, grow its ecosystem, provide its merchandise and of course have its escrow system. Pretty clear what they want to do, but all the questions would be answered with an informative whitepaper. Concerning the whitepaper, it just feels that this particular project needs it.

You can check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

The ADApes Society is a project that has some great ideas but we have no idea if the team can implement them accordingly, as we do not know much about them. However, they are friendly, helpful and want to provide project transparency to the community. Speaking of which, the community is really enthusiastic about this project. Finally, I would like to once more note that most of the information is scattered. And due to the project’s many aspects it probably needs to gather them in a comprehensible whitepaper.

A neoclassical room filled with Ape Portraits
Project Transparency
Awesome Community
Amazing & High Quality Artwork
Appealing Website
Straight forward Roadmap
We need a better understanding of the Concept (the information is scattered)
No Team Information
Due to the project's many aspects it needs to gather all the information into a whitepaper


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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