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Tavern Squad

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Tavern Squad
Release Date
January 26, 2022

Tavern Squad – Cardano NFT

Tavern Squad is a project that brings in those Lord of the Rings or The Witcher vibes to the table, in their own unique way.


Tavern Squad is a unique collection of NFTs derived from the fantasy lore and inspired mainly by RPG games. The concept is set in a universe, where Elfs, Humans and Dwarves live in harmony together. Additionally, based on that initial idea, there will be a story surrounding the Tavern Squad’s universe. And maybe even an RPG game, where we can use our NFTs as avatars. Specifically, the team has high ambitions for this project and they want to create a great story, on which they can keep on growing. Concerning the collection I will get into more details in the Artwork section below.


As opposed to a lot of projects in the NFT space, Tavern Squad has a pretty transparent, as well as honest and friendly team. In particular, it consists of three members, bringing a lot of experience from their background. To begin with, we have Jared, who is the Developer of the project with over 9 years of experience in backend development. Furthermore, there is Luca, the Community Manager, who is bringing his expertise as a member of a start-up. Now, concerning Luca, we recently had a really interesting interview with him in the NFTUpdate show. And that to me shows one confident guy trying to publicise his project by being totally transparent about it. Last but not least, the Artist, Charles, who has more than 10 years of experience in illustration. And that can be clearly seen by his artwork for the project.

Discord & Twitter

If we take into account that the minting is ongoing and the supply doesn’t meet the demand, I would say that maybe the launch was a bit rushed. After all one of the team’s goals is to build the best community in the NFT space. So maybe it would be better if they built it first and then launch the project. Interestingly enough, the current community is really active and are really enthusiastic about the project. Finally, I believe that their Discord should become a little more interesting, to motivate their community to hand around there more. For example, some fun activities for the members can actually help.

Check Tavern Squad’s social media here:


The artwork has that comic style feel to it, pretty much like the Asterix comics, which is one of my favorite. But leaving my love aside, I have to honestly admit that the pieces are very well made. They have the perfect amount of details and the right colors to emphasize the style. Furthermore, Tavern Squad is the home of a collection to five races, Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc and Aquila. Which in fact define the rarity of each piece, along with all the different hand-drawn traits. Overall, an amazing work by Charles.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is professional, informative and has features that many projects in the CNFT space would be jealous of. With such a website the project shows their intentions for the future and the hard work that the team is putting behind the scenes. Specifically, aside from all the basic information that is there, Discord is directly connected to it, tracking the progress of each member. And by completing achievements the holders get their rewards. For now, the rewards are very simple and rightly so, but imagine what could they be as the project develops further.


The roadmap even though is nicely displayed, it clearly needs an update for its Episode 3 phase. And also, when this update arrives, I strongly suggest that the team adds plenty of details to make it comprehensible.

Check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Tavern Squad is one of those projects that when you look at the artwork, you wonder why hasn’t it sold out yet. But I believe that the main reason is because the team didn’t focus on the community so much. And that way spread the word in the CNFT space. However, all the members of the team are really hard working, professional and really transparent, which are the key measures to define a project for the future.

Tavern Squad
Refreshing Concept
Transparent & Honest Team
Enthusiastic Community
Amazing Artwork
Very Professional Website
Probably a rushed Drop
Roadmap needs an Update


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