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Release Date
July 19, 2022

Tamerz – Cardano NFT

A world of creatures that await their tamers and a project that will provide you with the option to vote on its future development.


An idea that derives its origins from the wonderful world of the Pokemon, where we have the trainers that strive to either collect all of the species or just become the best dueler in the world. The Tamerz NFT concept has a similar approach with its own number of tamers and creatures. And the only difference comes from its upcoming story.

Furthermore, the team defines the project as a curator of quality. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to provide artwork, products and an overall experience that would satisfy even the biggest of critics in the NFT space. But what are the team’s long-term plans? And if there are any, what are they?

Of course there are, and the question can be answered only by reaching to the fourth phase of the roadmap. That’s when the Tamerz Universe will take its shape and that’s when the fun begins. Specifically, that’s when the project’s DAO will emerge and the community will decide on how the project further develops. So, thanks to the project’s concept, the options can be limitless. Will it be an open world game or a comic-based project or maybe even both?

To be honest, that must be the most fascinating part of it – a project that will develop according to the decisions of its community. However, there is one tiny concern that consumes me. How do we know that the funds will be enough to pursue any of these limitless options?


This is a team that strives for high project standards, like quality artwork and a strong community. In other words, success. As it seems, there is no rush in launching and there’s currently a lot of focus on community growth and brand building.

Just like a friend of mine from the CNFT community told me “In this bear market conditions, it is vital to build your brand”.

Aside from these facts, I can see a team with experience that could really develop something great. But enough praising, let’s get into introductions.

First of all, we have the artist John, who left his cooking job to pursue his creative nature. He began exploring the NFT world by launching his first project “The Prisoner” and when he met Filip he decided that its time to create something bigger. Filip is the developer of the team and probably the most experienced among them in the blockchain world. He was there from 2014 and made a decision to go full time into NFTs after reaching out to John. Finally, we have Matt, the social media manager with an experience of around 18 months in the NFT space.

To conclude, the only thing that can be considered as a downside is the anonymity of the members, which can be disregarded if the project continues in the art-based manner that it has so far.

Discord & Twitter

As I mention above, the focus currently is on community growth and brand building. So far, successful and organic. Also, the engagement is absolutely wonderful and what surprised Filip, in his own words, was “the warm welcome from the CNFT community”.

It is important to note here that the team wanted to launch the project on Solana first but after some issues, they decided that Cardano is the way to go.

Last but not least, I want to point to the usual collaborations, which I believe need to increase if the team truly strives for success.

If you want to follow Tamerz social media you can check here:


Concerning the style of the artwork, I got to admit that it is very unique and unlike most of the projects that currently exist on Cardano. I would describe it as rich and high contrasting coloured illustrations, closer to that of a graphic style.

To continue, the artwork consists of two unique parts – the Tamers and the Monsters. As far as the tamers are concerned, they are a hand-drawn generative collection, attached with a number of benefits. For instance, you will have a vote on the path of the project (see, Concept) and a rewarding system via staking. On top of that, there are the monsters which derive value from their rarity.

Finally, the team wanted to reward early adopters of the project with the Tamerz Cards (see below). What are those? Cards that provide the owner with cool perks, such as transforming it into a Tamerz NFT for free.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:

The Tamerz Cards below:


The website is very simple, yet really interesting. Its design is original, surprisingly interactive at certain points and has that old-school vibe. Finally and more importantly, it provides us with adequate information to conduct a full research into the project.


The roadmap is visually fascinating, as it reminds me of an old-school newspaper or even journal. Likewise, it is as informative as the project’s website and definitely has a plan, which will start unveiling from its last phase forward.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Tamerz NFT is a project that has quite an ambitious team that wasn’t satisfied from its initial choice of blockchain (Solana) and moved over to Cardano with hopes of success. The welcome they received was astonishing and I bet it’s what gives them the strength to move forward. Finally, we have yet to see what the overall project wants to look like in the future, but that part is in the hands of the community.

Tamers Club in the Streets with their Pets
Compulsive & Community Driven Concept
Ambitious & Focused Team
Growing & Engaging Community
Unique Artwork
Informative Website & Roadmap
Anonymous Team


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