A new decentralized tourism platform on Elrond.

@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Release Date
December 04, 2021

Stramosi – Elrond NFT

A generative project that uses blockchain technology to promote and improve the tourism industry in Romania.


Stramosi is a generative collection of wacky and unique characters that are inspired by the vibrant folklore of Romania. Also, it is the first NFT collection on the Elrond Network that offers the combination of blockchain technology and historical legacy. Above all, Stramosi is a product of a Non-profit Organization (NGO), called @Romania. And @Romania’s goal is to facilitate smart travel and become a self-sustained tourism DAO. As a result the holders of the Stramosi project will be the members of this DAO.

Furthermore, the organization notes that the current tourism of the country is mainly controlled by a centralized entity that brings no results on tourism. And they believe that blockchain technology through DAOs can bring better results. Overall, it is an ambitious and long-term plan, which can positively affect the country of Romania and thousands of people.


To begin with, @Romania is the main player here and the team behind it, are the initiators of Stramosi. The core team consists of four members and they seem really confident about their mission. So, we have Sabin the Founder and CVO. Also, there are the Co-Founders, Eduard and Iulian . And last but not least, we have the Social Media Manager – Stefan. I love the fact that they exposed themselves with such a confidence because this is actually a trait that you can put your trust into. In brief, we have a confident, credible and transparent team that strives for a goal through Stramosi.

Discord & Twitter

The community is still average especially on Discord, which counts less than the half of the Twitter’s followers. At this point I should mention that the team also holds accounts on Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram. Which means that they try to develop their community using all available social media. However, this may also have a negative aspect. For example, it is difficult for the team to dedicate equal amount of time on all their media. And that can result in all or some of them to run slowly. But then again maybe I am wrong and everything runs smoothly. Finally, I would like to add that even though the goal is focusing on tourism (an international industry), the community (especially on Discord) as far as I have seen consists mainly of Romanian people. I guess the team needs to try and attract other nationalities as well.

If you want to follow Stramosi’s social media you can check here:


The artwork shows both pros and cons, in my opinion. It is colorful, pleasing to the eye and gives us a good taste of Romania’s tradition. Since it shows traits of historical figures and local traditions. However, I cannot ignore the fact that we once more look at a simple vector of the same character dressed in different clothes and various accessories. Do not get me wrong, such an art product is still beautiful, but now that the NFT space is congested with so many projects, a powerful team should consider different ways to stand out.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is elegant, has a professional appearance, matches the theme, and provides all the necessary information. Also, the team shares enough of their art pieces to give us a taste. This simply means, that we just have a sneak peek and already know what their products are, without being overwhelmed with too many pieces.


The roadmap is quite clear path and contains lots of goals: whitepaper, start-ups on Elrond, partnerships, game development, etc. It would be nice if all we had more details but I guess the upcoming whitepaper will include them.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Stramosi is a very interesting project with long-term plans to help Romania’s tourism industry. The team seems to work hard on this target and shares high ambitions. However, the project is still in the beginning and consequently needs some improvements. Such improvements can be the strive to improve its international audience and possibly a detachment from the regular PFP version artwork to something different.

Cool Concept
Confident & Transparent Team
Instructive Website
Roadmap has a clear path
Colorful Artwork
Community needs an international boost
Regular PFP Art category


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