An Otter dressed as a Japanese Warlord

Space Otter Society

A New Journey Awaits!

@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Space Otter Society
Release Date
June 27, 2022

Space Otter Society – Cardano NFT

An adventurous society traveling through space, ready to push the boundaries of Cardano art.


It is broadly known that cute animals hog all the glory whenever they appear on TV, cinema or books. Space Otter Society is not an exception, as it is a project based on the adventures of the otter society, and it combines an exciting lore with beautiful depiction of its stars. In particular, there are 3,750 otters which escaped from their dying planet and they’re traveling around the universe to find a new home.

Moreover, the main goal of the project is to offer fun throughout its community along with great art pieces. So, it may seem like an art-based project, but there are some indications that presage a utility part, as well. For instance, there is a Discord currency ($SHELL) which currently can be used to buy whitelist roles, but it will obtain more use-cases as time passes by.


The team consists of four main members and of course the moderators. And I have to admit that it is extremely positive that we have so much information about each one of them. Specifically, you will be able to meet the team in the relating Discord channel. However, I strongly suggest that an introduction should also be included in the website, as well. Ideally, they can connect their personal social media accounts or websites to boost credibility and transparency.

To begin with, the founder of the project is Aaron (or Rarhy). He is experienced on clients’ relations and social media management. Also, he has been in the crypto space for over a year and his excitement about it, led him to start his own project. Next, we meet Edwin, the Lead Artist. Edwin has worked in websites and in the game industry for a decade and now he dedicates much of his time to bring Space Otters to life.

Furthermore, we have Jonathan Hopkins as an Advisor to the project. Jon is a freelance artist for video games and an illustrator for a plethora of entertainment mediums. Another interesting fact about him is that he has published his own children’s book – Little Teddy! Last but not least, MrChrister09 (or just Chris) is the Community Manager. Chris currently works in the health care field but he is a passionate supporter of cryptos and NFTs, as well as an active member of the CNFT community.

Discord & Twitter

The community is apparently small but I should definitely mention that the Discord server is very well built and currently serves as the main tool for communication and engagement. At this point in time, the size is not much of a problem because the project is still young. And I believe that the team took a great step forward with all the whitelist giveaway collaborations. However, I would love to see some art partnerships as well.

If you want to follow Space Otter Society social media you can check here:


One of the key factors that leads a project to success, is the artwork. And Space Otters Society is a project with great art samples so far. Each otter has a different role and profession in the society, and this is reflected in the artwork. In particular, take a sneak peak and you will see some beautiful portraits depicting the otters dressed in powerful costumes and holding another animal or an object. There is color contrast in every portrait and details add quality to the whole piece.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website seems to have some very attractive elements suitable for the project’s theme, but it feels like it’s still under construction, with a lot of useful information still missing. In my opinion, a website should contain all the basic information that most of us look for, such as a brief concept section and a team introduction. Finally, it is worth noting that the team is planning to publish their whitepaper in the next few weeks, which will definitely help everyone dig deeper into the team’s vision and plans.


We can find the roadmap in Discord and YouTube which is divided into quarters but does not seem very comprehensible. In other words, the description contains general plans, talking about utility and rewards. So, a clearer explanation would be a lot better. Of course, I am sure we will get a lot more details with the release of the whitepaper.

For the roadmap, you can check the below video as well:

Closing Thoughts

Space Otters Society is an art-driven project with the ambition to provide CNFT collectors with a fascinating lore. The team is experienced and passionate, with a vision that could bring an animation to our ecosystem. But I believe that some details need improvement or installment to make the project competitive against so many others.

An Otter dressed as a Japanese Warlord
Interesting Concept
Great Artwork
The Team is Transparent & seems Experienced
Small but Engaging Community
The Website needs Improvements
The Roadmap needs to be more Comprehensible


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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