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Something Corporation
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May 26, 2022

Something Corporation – Cardano NFT

An art-based project that wants to create “Something” that transforms the world’s view on NFTs.


When we talk about corporations, our mind quickly visualizes giants like JP Morgan, McDonalds and General Electric. But what if I told you that such corporations can exist on the blockchain but with a whole lot different definition? To be specific, with a touch of humor.

In our case, the concept of Something Corporation project plays this comical role – mocking the corporate world and building an entity for the community. Hence the name of it.

The project in particular has three fundamental pillars with which it abides by:

Firstly, it wants to create value for the holders. Secondly, it wants to provide a platform for the community and last but not least, it will act as an advocate for Cardano innovations. To be honest, I am not sure if these pillars are just part of the comical side or an actual use case for future implementation. But if this is in fact the whole plan, then the team definitely needs to expand with more information.

To conclude, the whole concept (based always on the information provided) gives me the impression of a project that starts with the usual PFP collection and wants to provide a utility later on. However, the utility either has no clear way on how to be implemented or the information is not yet given to us.


The team consists of four members and just like in the corporate world, we are unaware of who runs the corporation (in terms of profiles etc.). To be honest, I don’t mind as well because the project is all about artwork so far. However, the team wants to remain transparent by getting out there and introducing their project in Twitter spaces (one so far) and Twitch streams. So, who are they? We have Chaengoo, the head of project development. Next, there’s Astro, the community manager. Also, there’s Kim, in charge of marketing. And lastly, Ivs, the artist.

Discord & Twitter

Even though, the project kickstarted its journey way back in February, it struggles to grow its community. And in terms of size, it’s below average. So, what is the problem here? From what I can see the team, didn’t focus enough on the collaboration side of things. It’s important to know that more collaborations (art creation, giveaways etc.) can bring members from the collaborating project into your own – just because of raising awareness. Finally, in terms of activity, the team needs to improve their game here as well. By hosting more events, game nights, raids etc.

If you want to follow Something Corporation’s social media you can check here:


The artwork is quite interesting, funny and depicts the corporate world perfectly. Just people with their Identification Cards starting their 9 to 5 jobs, practically in an enslaved environment. I love the idea, the artwork is different – unique and each piece tells a different story. Overall, a generative collection with awesome traits.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website has this corporate feeling embedded into it, from the colors that were picked to the whole structure. In general, it is very professional but it’s not that informative as I would expect.


The roadmap is really simple and has plans till the second quarter of 2022. To illustrate, after the minting phase, there are plans on launching their merchandise, some kind of a mentorship program and social events. Once again, it would be very helpful to include more information in there, especially for the last two points.

Closing Thoughts

Something Corporation is a project with a very unique idea supporting it, with it being humorous at the same time. Furthermore, the team seems quite transparent but there are a lot of points in the website that need more information. Finally, I am aware of community growth problems in a lot of projects but that can be dealt with in a way, with collaborations.

Something Corporation - ID tags
Humorous Concept
Transparent Team
Cool & Funny Artwork
Professional Website (Lacks Information - mainly expansion of that information)
Lack of Information (Unless that's the whole point)
Partly Active & Below Average Sized Community


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