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SOL Flowers
Release Date
December 18, 2021

Sol Flowers – Solana NFT

A utility project that promises to bring Art and DeFi together.


SOL Flowers is an ambitious utility project that aims to connect NFT art with a DeFi DEX into a single Flowerverse. And thus we can divide the team’s plans into two main parts.

First and foremost, we have the Flower NFTs, which are also divided into two parts, the Genesis Collection and the 3D Flowers. And both obviously act as the main collection of the project. However, holders of the Genesis Collection will receive a plethora of benefits, such as: whitelist for the 3D launch, various benefits in the Flowerverse, airdrops and much more.

In the second part, we have the Metaverse (The Garden) of the project and it will act as a DEX (S-DEX); a marketplace if you like, for all kinds of transactions. Now the main currency of exchange in The Garden will be $FLWR and all transactions will be signed with it. Furthermore, all Sol Flower NFTs will be eligible for staking in The Garden, earning $FLWR. And, it is very interesting that some approved Solana projects will be eligible as well for staking their NFTs.

Finally, the project will move into connecting the digital world with the real world with their Blind Boxes initiative. Specifically, those boxes will be available to all wallets holding Sol Flowers and is the definition of collectibles. Because you can purchase those boxes with $FLWR and a physical sculpture as well as the NFT in the digital world will be delivered to you.

For anyone that wants more details in the above information please refer to the whitepaper.


The team is separated into three parts and all of them create a strong and determined group. In particular, there is the core team, the advisors, and the community manager.

Firstly, we have the five members forming the core team. Justin “Mnemonic”, the Project Manager with experience on this field. Moreover, Cory Shaw with an impressive CV on design, animation and the founder of Buildestroy. Also, Joshua Kezzer, the Lead Developer and the founder of VFX Brain. Further, we have Aahmek Richards , the Head of Marketing, with experience in the entertainment industry. And last but least, Sean “Castor Troys” , the Head of Manufacturing.

Secondly, the advisors team consist of Kyle Schember, co-founder of the Muttniks project and the creative company Subtractive. Also, there is Georgio Constantinou, the Artist Manager at Six and Andy Gershon with experience on entertainment and media industry. Finally, we have Rick Bakas an expert in brand strategy. I would like to note here that Kyle Schember only exists in Discord and Rick Bakas only in the whitepaper. Therefore, making me believe that an update is necessary to obviously avoid confusion.

Finally, we meet Geale Simon Postma in the role of the Community Manager.

Discord & Twitter

Both Twitter and Discord host a small community considering the size of other Solana projects with a low engagement overall. It is understandable that for an ambitious project it requires a lot of behind the scenes action, which sometimes deems it difficult to keep the engagement going. However, in SOL Flowers’ case I expect more innovative ideas and activities, since we know that the team consists of experienced professionals.

If you want to follow Sol Flowers social media you can check here:


The artwork depicts colorful vivid flowers in various moods but mainly happy. As I explain above the artwork has two collections, the Genesis and the 3D variants (available soon). Specifically, the Genesis Collection Flowers show lots of graffiti traits, which we know it is the Artist’s passion – detailed and beautiful. The 3D SOL Flowers lost those traits, but are closer to the Blind Boxes concept that the team wants to bring forth. Obviously a lot of work was put for this result. But in the end, it is always a matter of personal taste. Do you like it or not?

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website matches the theme perfectly, especially the Graffiti traits from the Genesis Collection. However, I find it a little chaotic and overwhelming. In other words, there is no menu available for a quick navigation, and simultaneously there are many bright colors and titles with big letters that make it tiring to the eyes.


There is a 21-page document provided on the website which includes some details about the team’s goals from Q1 2022 until Q1 2023. However, this document does not appear as a usual roadmap, but it works for me since it gives all the basic plans and targets. Of course, it would be nice for the team to add a brief counterpart visible both on website and Discord, so as all potential investors can take a quick look.

Closing Thoughts

SOL Flowers is an ecosystem, primed to become a utility metaverse project. Likewise, the artwork is amazing and has already given us 2D and 3D variants. Moreover, the team seems to be transparent and consists of many experienced professionals. Yet, there are some minor downsides that keep the project back. For example, the community is not very engaging.

Finally, there was a difficulty I faced during my research. Even though I found all the necessary information, some of it was scattered. For instance, as I mention above, the team introduction was not directly obvious on the website.  And that consumes time, which not everyone is willing to spend for a deeper research.

Sol Flowers
Ambitious Concept
Holder Benefits
Professional & Transparent Team
Beautiful High-Quality Artwork
Informative Roadmap/Whitepaper
Low Community engagement
Overwhelming Website
Scattered Information


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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