Three kids wearing all kinds of apparel - Soho Kids

Soho Kids

The bridge between Cardano and the Fashion Industry

Soho Kids
Release Date
February 07, 2022

Soho Kids – Cardano NFT

A project that is looking to bridge the fashion design industry with the Cardano NFTs.


Soho Kids is not the first project to get into the fashion industry NFTs. But has definitely the first mover advantage in the form of a collection in the Cardano Blockchain. Think of it like the mannequin dolls, that are used to display or fit clothing and show off different fabrics and textiles. In our case the whole displaying takes place in the blockchain. Where designers, from haute couture to street style, can display their collection in a fun and colorful way. Much more enticing than a dull mannequin I would say, don’t you agree? So basically, the true vision of the team is to provide the means for individual designers to enter the digital age. And why not, also connect with the huge fashion houses across the world.


The team consists of two members that have a background, no matter how small, in the fashion industry. I would describe them as passionate, hard working and very transparent.

First and foremost, we have Oxy, a well known member in the CNFT Community and the founder of Soho Kids. Specifically, Oxy has a huge interest in fashion and actually has some experience, having built a few small fashion brands himself. Additionally, we have Diogo, who is the Designer and 3D artist of the project. Likewise, he has a background in the fashion, as well as the music industries. And his experience comes from the cooperations with some well known street wear brands and musicians in Portugal.

To tell you the truth, it would actually be cool if we knew these brands and musicians. Finally, I would like to note that there has been an incident on the project’s launch day, on which I will not expand. However, I will tell you that we got all the necessary answers fast and with a great transparency.

Discord & Twitter

Regarding the community, there was actually a lot of hype, when the project was introduced. And a lot of people wanted a piece of the action, so evidently the project has gathered a huge community. Not only that but they are pretty active as well, be it Twitter or Discord alike. I just wonder how further the project will grow, if it realizes its goals. Finally, I would like to point to the events that are promised in the website and express my eagerness to their launch.

If you want to follow Soho Kids social media you can check here:


The artwork illustrates funny looking and colorful kids in every possible apparel. And more importantly in 3D, mainly because one of the team’s goals is the production of vinyl toys. So why not have the blueprint ready, right? To be honest, the quality of these models is very good and I can agree that attention to detail was paid. Now, what remains is to check the quality of their future vinyl toys, as I believe this will be the greatest part of the project.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is cheerful, straightforward and I believe really fitting to the concept. Honestly, it doesn’t need much else, as the project tries to promote its artistic side. And does not need any lengthy explanations. However, I am expecting it to expand with an e-shop for their toys and a display with all the collaboration they will achieve. And why not we can even see their real faces someday.


The project has a very specific goal and that is to act as a bridge for the fashion world. So, I didn’t expect much of their roadmap, being so simple. Fitting for their aspirations, it contains their plans to collaborate with as many fashion designers as possible. And of course, the production of their vinyl toy collection.

Closing Thoughts

Basically, Soho Kids is a project that tries a lot to fit the expectations of its community. And that’s why I believe it has the following that it does today. Also, a big role in all of this, plays the determination and the transparent nature of the both members of the team. Because even if something goes wrong, they strive to fix it as soon as possible. Finally, the only thing that I can say about the artwork is that it certainly has a lot of work in it. Now, what remains is for you to determine whether you like it or not.

Three kids wearing all kinds of apparel - Soho Kids
Ambitious Concept
Determined & Strong Team
Large & Active Community
High Quality Artwork
Fitting Website & Roadmap


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