SYMC - Mountainous terrain with a hut in there

Smooth Yeti Mountain Club

Who are the Smooth Yetis?

Smooth Yeti Mountain Club
Release Date
March 13, 2022

Smooth Yeti Mountain Club – Cardano NFT

A Yeti collection that will bring the myth of this abominable snowman into its own Yetiverse.


The Yeti or more commonly referred to as the Abominable Snowman is an ape-like creature purported to inhabit the Himalayan mountain in Asia. According to 19th century reports,  the Yeti was a part of the pre-Buddhist beliefs of several Himalayan people. Now, in this particular century is when people began to claim their encounter with this creature and the whole belief of its existence started to unfold. But what if these claims are true?

Smooth Yeti Mountain Club is here to prove to us that this creature exists and is native to the Cardano blockchain. With a collection of 7500 uniquely generated Yeti NFTs, you can encounter all kinds of Yetis, from a policeman to an astronaut. And by befriending them you will become a valuable member of their exclusive club. Aside from the project’s collection, there are plans to integrate the creatures with their own metaverse; in a place where they will finally stop hiding.


The team consists of only two members at this particular point in time, which I believe is bound to grow as the Yetiverse is closer to its development stage. But for now, we have Keeper and Pablo, both of whom are in their early stages of creating a project. Also, it seems like they are both very experienced in marketing and development respectively.

Furthermore, it is important to add here that even though the team provides a team introduction, I strongly believe that it is not adequate for the continuation of their ambitious concept. Let me explain. Thus far the project describes itself as a simple artistic collection. But what happens when their Yetiverse begins development? The project will evolve into the next stage of NFTs. And that’s where we need a better understanding of whom we are putting our trust into.

Discord & Twitter

The community of the project is just wonderful, being one of the most enthusiastic and engaging in the CNFT space. To be honest, I have no idea why but I am sure that it has to do with how Keeper runs the project’s Social Media. I mean the collaborations are there, the events, the entertainment and of course the active team. Finally, it seems to me that the growth was achieved organically and that it continues to do so with each passing day.

If you want to follow Smooth Yeti Mountain Club social media you can check here:


Smooth Yeti Mountain Club of course depicts the Yeti for its collection in a generative way. The artwork uses many traits and accessories to provide a unique creature and I can see that a lot of work was put in their creation. Moreover, I cannot ignore the fact that the details are quite good and the representation aligns perfectly with the folklore.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


This honestly must be my favorite part of the whole research, a website to be jealous of. Just look at the professional outcome, an outcome that makes you jump into the project. It literally has all the information that you can expect of a project at this stage, with attention to details in mind.


The roadmap is informative, wonderfully displayed and straightforward, which shows once more the work the team is doing behind the scenes. I just hope that they will stand up to their promises and deliver their final goal.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Smooth Yeti Mountain Club has a very ambitious goal and so far it shows that it can reach it. However, I believe that with such an ambition, we need more team transparency. Aside from that, I can understand that they are professional, with tons of experience to reach the end result. As far as the artwork is concerned, it has adequate details and is impressive. Finally, I want to point at what a splendid job the team did in the overall look of the project, I mean they took care of even the smallest of details.

SYMC - Mountainous terrain with a hut in there
Interesting Concept with a possible Metaverse
Team with Experience
Enthusiastic & Engaging Community
Professional & Informative Website & Roadmap
Detailed Artwork
Anonymous Team


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