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Sacred Sapiens
Release Date
July 22, 2022

Sacred Sapiens – Cardano NFT

A sci-fi story developing in the Cardano NFT space.


Sacred Sapiens is a 3D-animated project backed by a fascinating sci-fi lore. According to the story, at the early stages of the universe there were only three planets, each was governed by a powerful god. And the inhabitants of each one had their own unique qualities.

-The first one was Topia, a beautiful and abundant of springs, gems and metals planet where its Sapiens had a lavish life.

-The second planet was Aio, with the most advanced technology in the universe. Consequently, the Sapiens of this planet were androids and working hard to continually produce new technology.

-Last but not least, there was Celestia, the planet of constant transformations subject to its god. As a result of those frequent transformations, its Sapiens had to adapt quickly to new environments.

As the legend has, the planets were far away from each other because the gods wanted to limit the possibility of the Sapien race to meet. However, even them could not foresee what was to come. In particular, a Sapien evolution took place on Aio of a being that had the desire to travel beyond his own planet. And a construction of a portal gun led him to Topia. But this action was the beginning of the end for the Sapiens.

The portal gun led to the creation of a blackhole and as blackholes have it, the more they absorb the more powerful they become. Thus, destroying all the planets. Of course, this destruction took the gods by surprise, but they decided to create a new planet, by the name Atacoa. Atacoa will have a new superior species embodying the various traits of the lost Sapiens.

This is the Sacred Sapiens’ journey. This is the beginning.

Will they succeed in surviving and living together in peace?


The team consists of eight members, the two of which are the founders – Jgeez and Pamp, zestful supporters of Cardano, with Pamp also being one of the founding members of the Cardano Lounge.

Also, we meet Cryptomills as the general manager of the project, and David the lead artist with a 10 year experience in 3D animation. Furthermore, there are three more artists, Cam, the 3D clothing designer, Adele the creative director, and Luke the sketch artist and concept designer. Finally, we have Melania, the creative writer behind this fascinating lore.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information to extract from their website and we have no other source to look into. And we pretty much don’t know who they are, aside of course Pamp. To conclude, I am aware that the project is still in the build phase and the future may hold a lot of excitement for it. But if the project isn’t just focused on art specifically, then I would prefer more transparency from their side.

Discord & Twitter

The project is still in its community building phase and taking into account their recent launch to the public, we can see a good amount of followers thus far. To my knowledge, the growth has been organic and the support immense. Of course, that is the most important part that a project can have. And in our case, the Sacred Sapiens has the engagement and support it needs. Finally, I should note here that the Discord server is well organized, and the team is very helpful. However, I don’t see the number of collaborations that I would like to see, which in my opinion could introduce the project to more people.

If you want to follow Sacred Sapiens social media you can check here:


The main artwork of the project presents the Sacred Sapiens and their gods. At the time of writing this review, the project has not yet launched its season with the Sacred Sapiens, but according to the sneak peaks, they are 3D high quality depictions with emphasis on details. Intrestingly enough, they have various fashionable traits, such as colorful jackets or eccentric jewelry.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website contains a good amount of information overall. For instance, the story, details on it etc. Also, while it may be true that there are some art pieces appearing in it, I strongly believe that more of them should be present. Let’s take the story section as an example. I believe that it’s a bit tiring without some visual representation of it. Finally, I should mention that the Twitter and Discord icons on the bottom of the website are unfortunately not functional.


When we take a look at the roadmap, we understand that the project isn’t developing in an hasty way, with determinate plans for the next few months. The two most interesting phases in my opinion are the ones with the Sapien evolution and the metaverse part. However interesting it may be though, I would love it to be more comprehensible on what all this evolutions are for.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Sacred Sapiens is a sci-fi Cardano NFT project which aims to “push the boundaries of 3D-animated art”. The story is captivating, and it is dressed with a quality artwork. Also, the team, albeit not transparent, seems talented and helpful with its community. However, there are still some details that can improve. The website focuses mainly on the storytelling while has its design can get better. Finally, the roadmap is not quite clear, especially when it comes to all these evolutions.

Sapien Civilization
Creative & Interesting Lore
Fine Artwork
Engaging & Supportive Community
Anonymous Team
The Website needs Improvements
The Roadmap could be more Comprehensible


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