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Riot House
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August 25, 2022


Riot House – Cardano NFT

A project full of art and music, combined with blockchain technology. A project that wants to create an unforgettable experience for us all.


What are the arts? By definition, they are a very wide range of human practices of storytelling, creative expression, and cultural participation. Likewise, there are two main branches that consist the broad definition of the arts, the visual art and the performing arts. Now, you might wonder why I am telling you all this, right? Of course, I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for Riot House.

In particular, Riot House has a deep focus on high-quality NFT art, embodying the festival spirit, which represents the visual arts. Also, the team wants to offer some crazy parties, events and music to its community, which represents the performing arts. More specifically, Riot House wants to combine the visual and the performing arts with the blockchain techonology. According to the team, the vision is to create a place where the biggest parties are set to happen in Cardano. Will these parties take place in the real world or the metaverse though? My guess is both.

To be honest, there isn’t much information explaining that. However, we are aware of the how and that’s by creating a NFT ticketing system for real-life festivals and events. Now think for instance that you want to attend Tomorrowland and as most of you know getting a ticket there can be really tough. Here intervenes Riot House which can get you a ticket just by holding their NFT. Needless to say, this is pure speculation from my side but that could definitely be in their plans.

To conclude, the team has given us hints on the journey that they started but it only remains to find out what the future holds and what they can deliver.


While doxxing is not their strong suit, I have to admit that the team is quite honest about it, based on their explanations in Discord. Basically, the team chose to remain anonymous because they believe that this will act as an enabler to focus more on the development of the project. Of course, some of us, may disagree with this decision but nevertheless we have to respect it. After all, it is an art-based project at its core (so far) and doxxing is not necessary in my opinion.

In truth, we may not know who the team members really are but we are aware of who and how many consist it. First of all, we have “The Bosses” – the core team so to speak – which is comprised of three members, Mikka (Marketing Manager), Spyke (Project Manager) and Lila (Creative Director). In detail, they met at a music festival production in 2015, which made them very good friends ever since. Their love for the arts and parties was the main driver for the idea behind Riot House.

Finally, we have “The Bouncers” – the community moderators of the project – pretty known in the CNFT community, I would say. Specifically, there’s Kraft, Carolina, Helloz and Tory.

Community (Discord & Twitter)

According to what I have seen so far with the project, the community growth is being done in a pretty organic way and actually that has been the team’s goal in the first place. They have been advocating a no promotion, no like farming and no grinding policy since the beginning and it seems that it has worked to their advantage. Because they earned a good follower base. In conclusion, I would like to point to the engagement level, which is impressive.

If you want to follow Riot House social media you can check here:


The artwork is meant to embody the festival spirit and what better way to do that, than having the brightest colors a piece can have. I mean just take a look at the examples below – bright and vivid colors of the rainbow, strong outlines and funny looking outfits. A true festive spirit indeed. Finally, the pieces contain a good amount of details and more importanly they definitely are unique.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website can be considered as matching with the main focus being the project’s art, which is fantastic. However, I would like it to be more informative than what it currently is, especially with the concept. Of course, I bet it will get as we move forward with the project. And what’s important is already highlighted


The roadmap is visually attractive and can definitely be considered as informative. To be honest, that’s where the most information lies. However, there is no timeline, which makes me believe that it is in fact a way to develop in a more relaxed manner. Is that the case? If so, then we need to respect it.

Closing Thoughts

I have seen a lot of projects that are doing a lot of things differently but retaining the core intact and Riot House is no different. The team will hopefully introduce their long term vision. And even if that’s not the case they are honest about one thing – their artwork is high-quality and unique. That said, the community is really loving it so far and I have seen a lot of them claim that Riot House is the next big thing in CNFTs. Do you think that’s true? In my opinion, only time can tell. What we can do in the meantime though, is give a chance to the team to prove themselves.

Colorful Party People
Art-Based Concept (The Arts in general) - (Needs more information in my opinion)
Honest Team
Organic & Engaging Community
Unique Artwork
Cool Website (It can get more informative) & Informative Roadmap (There is no timeline)
Anonymous Team (Not necessarily a negative)


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