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Release Date
January 19, 2022

Rebellion – Cardano NFT

An artistic project that wants to introduce a collection with a pretty unique art-style.


“It is the future and Earth has become a planet pretty much unrecognizable to us. There are no rules or laws to keep crime in check and more importantly humans are no longer as they once were. After, many centuries of evolution they mutated and formed human-like species. These species? They are the rebels and they form the three unique races – The Rebellion.”

Rebellion is an artistic collection of picture files and animated shorts. But will it be a story-driven project as well? Because, even though, I can see many hints pointing to an animation series sometime in the future (e.g. roadmap, introduction etc.), it is really unclear whether that is the case. Thus making it necessary for a concept clarification and not hints scattered across multiple sources.


The team consists of three members and from what it seems they are all from different parts of the world. The NFTs were the reason, as it seems, to unite their expertise under a unique project. Spesifically, we have the two founders of Rebellion, Bao Viet and Henry VJ. For Bao Viet we know that he is from Vietnam and is working as an Art Director for Red Cat Motion. Whereas, for Henry VJ the only thing available is that he is the Community Manager. Finally, there’s Tony Hans, a Motion Artist and Front End Developer from the USA. Thus far, the team has shown signs of transparency, work ethic and definitely the intention to stay with the CNFT Community for the long term.

Discord & Twitter

I cannot say that the community is big but not a small one either, average in size but pretty active indeed. And how can they not be, as with Rebellion we are introduced to a very unique art style. So the excitement is pretty clear among the members. Furthermore, I just love the fact that Discord is so organized and has so many interesting channels to explore. Making me believe that their server can actually serve as an example for other projects.

If you want to follow Rebellion’s social media you can check here:


Now the artwork is something that brought me to the project in the first place. At first glance, it reminded me a lot, of my childhood and the hours I spent in front of the television, watching the Nickelodeon channel. An artwork that is so similar to The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory that instantly piqued my curiosity. In particular this art style is called cubism and the results, in the hands of a professional, can be magnificent. So, to summarize, we have art pieces that depict the races of our futuristic world in a very colorful and unique art style.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is really new, as it was introduced recently. However it feels like a rushed attempt, as it has a lot of essential information missing. For instance, the small bio that we have in Discord for the members of the team could be in here. And of course I cannot avoid the absence of the roadmap.


As I mention above, the roadmap is missing from the website and we can only examine it in Discord. Although, beautifully displayed, it is quite confusing and not very informative. So, are we getting three different drops, throughout 2022? Is there a connection of these drops with the first collection? And what exactly will be voted by the community?

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Rebellion is the first project to my knowledge that introduces such an amazing artistic style. As I have said in the hands of a professional this can turn ideas into amazing pieces and Bao Viet is the man for the job. Also, the whole team show great signs of work ethic and transparency, which can add points to their credibility. Finally, with some improvements in their website and roadmap, as well as a more clear concept idea we can probably expect great accomplishments.

A group of people ready to fight
Hard Working & Transparent Team
Engaging Community
Unique & Colorful Artwork
Concept Clarification is needed
Website needs more Information
Confusing Roadmap


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