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Raging Teens Clan

Teens of NEO Tokyo

Raging Teens Clan
Release Date
January 13, 2022

Raging Teens Clan – Cardano NFT

A project that is moving with the flow and with a team that focuses on quality and its community above all.


“Neo Tokyo was once a great city in the Metaverse but now after many wars with outside creatures, it’s at the brink of collapse and human extermination. There is a glim of hope though, in the face of the children of the last human survivors. But they were all subjects of an evil organization that conduct all sorts of experiments on them. The day however arrived, when these children managed to escape the facilities and set themselves free. The result? They formed an organization now known as the Raging Teens Clan.”

A good story is always appreciated whether its an artistic project or a gaming one. And Raging Teens Clan is a project that delivers just that. Afterall, as Caroline Leavitt wrote “People love stories. They need stories” and in combination with an amazing artwork the magic can be born. Of course the above story was just a summary of what the team has in store for you in their Discord server, with literal Chapters, making me wonder: Will there be a comic book series?

In brief, Raging Teens Clan is a collection of unique NFTs that focuses on providing quality art. And expanding their community because as they say only communities can give value to a project – with which I totally agree.


As far as we know the team consists of four members and we actually have little to no information for them and their backgrounds. I honestly love it when a project has a team introduction explaining, who they are and what is their experience – even if they do not have any major background. And of course when I am able to at least have a social media account or something similar. Consequently, giving me some more confidence, as a newcomer to the project.

But with Raging Teens Clan we only get to meet Alciko, the Artist of the project and a very talented one I would add. Now, the other team members are Ryumo, the Community Manager. Rayot, the Graphic Designer and Wallflower, who is the Developer of the project. Finally, putting the above fact aside, the members of the team seem like a cool, friendly gang. And they are very transparent with the project’s plans, which to me personally inspires some trust in them.

Discord & Twitter

The project has a pretty robust and pumped up community and everyone seems to have a lot of fun in the project’s Discord. Why shouldn’t they actually, as the team does an excellent job in maintaining a wonderful atmosphere and a server full of exciting events. Also, it goes without saying that the activity is very high.

If you want to follow Raging Teens Clan social media you can check here:


I mentioned above the talent of Alciko and I want to seal my comment by presenting you some examples of her work below. Simple Profile Pictures you would say, but what is the difference with others in the similar category? They contain high level of quality, with an extra touch of details. And a complex coloring, making the lighting effects distinguishable. Finally, the style that is used derives from the Japanese Mangas. And as far as I can understand that is also the main style that Alciko follows.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is straight to point, simple and contains a little bit of everything to get you familiar to what Raging Teens Clan is all about. However, as mentioned above I would love to see more information on the team and possibly the chapters of the story in here as well. In my opinion it would add an engaging incentive to the website.


I can say here with confidence that the roadmap is not a usual one. Because it lacks a clear timeline and reflects the uncertainty of the team on how to move on. And it kind of feels to me like it was put there just for the sake of it. Just because it makes the community feel confident with a roadmap. Let me explain. I usually want a project to have a roadmap. But this goes for a project that has aspirations for something more than just art. Having said that and seeing the main focus being the artwork and taking into consideration their uncertainty. I kind of deem this roadmap unnecessary here, at least for the time being.

Closing Thoughts

Raging Teens Clan is a project that has a high potential of being added as a blue chip CNFT. It literally took the CNFT Community by storm and made a name for itself really quickly. Also, the team inspires trust and I hope that it continues to do so. But I would love some more information on them. Finally, with them deciding exactly what they want this project to be in the future and some minor improvements to the website, I can see the project rising to the top very quickly.

A man holding a flag staring at a big city
Project Transparency
Friendly Team that inspire Trust
Exciting Community
High Quality Artwork
No Team Information
Website can be improved
Roadmap Unecessary (till the team decides what their future goals are) - NOT REALLY A NEGATIVE


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