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Raccoon Syndicate
Release Date
June 22, 2022

Raccoon Syndicate – Cardano NFT

A project that wants to explore Plutus powered smart contract gaming and offer us a Hold to Earn experience.


Raccoon Syndicate is one of these projects that values high quality NFTs above all. And that can be easily identified from a quick glance at their artwork (see below). To be honest, when I firstly encountered the project in Twitter, I thought it is mainly art-based. But I quickly came to realize that the team has plans of utility along the way. Mainly that of a passive income.

So, how will the passive income work?

Essentially, by holding a raccoon you will earn Battle Points every Cardano epoch. And these points will determine the rewards you’ll get every ten Cardano epochs. Now, the more points you’ve earned, the better the rewards. Also, the team plans to go live every ten days on social media to assign a variety of Battle Events, which will add bonus points to the holders.

Finally, you may be wondering that, this is cool and all, but what are the rewards? In particular, holders will have a chance to earn Upgrade NFTs, which can be used to improve your earnings in the next battle cycle and even NFTs from other Cardano projects in partnership with Raccoon Syndicate.

Some more information from one of the founders in the video below:


The first thing that you’ll notice about the team, if you watched the video above and saw the website, is their honesty. Specifically, they are not afraid to admit that the project is happening but they are in the exploration phase of the Plutus smart contracts at the moment. So, what you’ll be getting? A very high quality artwork. And what you’ll be investing into? A Hold-to-Earn gaming platform. So, it basically comes to your patience on the delivery.

Furthermore, it is worthy to note that the project has only two members so far, the developer and the artist. Both of whom, are very experienced in their respective fields. But let’s cut to the chase and introduce them, shall we?

Firstly, we have the very talented and amazing 3D artist, Kiama . Kiama has a background in Design and Animation of over 10 years. And, the second member of the team is our lovely host from the Cardano Ecosystem News YouTube channel, Timmy the Cat.

To be honest, I had no idea that such an informative channel existed in our ecosystem and after watching some of Timmy’s videos, I have to admit that it is subscribe worthy. Aside from that, Timmy has a background in software engineering of more than 20 years. Additionally, he has his own pool, the Timmyverse (TIM1) and finally he is an ambassador for the Genius Yield project.

Discord & Twitter

The community has been growing at a steady pace since Twitter and Discord went live. And is doing so in a quite organic way. Also, the engagement levels are very good in both of the social accounts. But I have a feeling that it could improve much more. Finally, as I always say – ‘collacorations are the key to success’ – I expect many more to come.

If you want to follow Raccoon Syndicate social media you can check here:


When I told you that Kiama is really talented, I really meant it and actually her experience is so visible that no one can deny her professionalism. Just look at the details, the rendering and lighting, isn’t that an amazing work? Also, according to the video above, the traits (clothing, equipment etc.) came to be after a lot of research on the Victorian era. A nice little detail that shows the commitment of the team.

To conclude, the whole collection of course depicts raccoons and the difference actually is the syndicate in which each one belong to. For now we only know about the Farmers and Hunters, however after the initial minting comes to an end, four additional syndicates will be introduced. The catch here is that you will need to be a holder of a combination of three Farmers or Hunters NFTs to secure your way to the next tiers. And I am referring to it as “secure” just because of the reduction of the supply.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is dynamic, informative and contains some really awesome features that sets it apart from most in the space. Also the design of it, aligns perfectly to the whole Victorian style – except for two, the font and the menu bar. For instance, imagine how more wonderful it would look if the logo was up there in the bar and the fonts was a little more Victorian.


As far as the roadmap is concerned, we have none thus far. Actually, if you observe the website closely, you can actually form a roadmap yourself. However, it would be much more helpful to have it ready for us all. Of course, the project is very new and it needs time to develop – so it is very possible that a roadmap will be coming soon.

Closing Thoughts

Raccoon Syndicate is a project that truly spoke to me just because of the combination for my love of quality and raccoons. Hence the name of my website as well (raqoon.io). Likewise, I am really glad that the team is professional and experienced with a journey that starts with a quality PFP, moving to a Hold-to-Earn gaming.

Raccoon Syndicate Four Member Gang
Hold-to-Earn Concept
Professional & Honest Team
Amazing, Detailed & Professional Artwork
Engaging Community
Informative & Designful Website (with little improvements it would look really Professional)
There is no Roadmap


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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