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Order and Chaos

Release Date
May 12, 2022

Pendulum – Cardano NFT

An art-based project that exists with one simple mission in mind, to create a high-quality, authentic artwork. And to unite the community into a single force of inspiration.


As a community in the Cardano NFTs we were always asking for something unique, something that feels authentic and an artwork that we can connect to. What better way to describe the crypto world than with it’s order and chaos?

Pendulum NFT is an art-based project that offers authentic artwork, the connection and of course the quality necessary to uphold the expectations. The story with the project is quite simple, because there are only two chapters that basically describe each of the two collections. The first chapter is all about the Order and what the technology has offered us with its gift. And the second chapter is quite the opposite, which refers to the Chaos – the people that rejected this gift.

Of course, there is always two opposing sides to the world, no matter the case and Pendulum NFT describes it perfectly. In a way the project can be a connection to the concept of the Yin and Yang. A concept that describes how contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.


The team consists of three members, with the third being more of a partnership and advisory. Now before we go to the introductions, it is important to note that all the members are very transparent, credible and their intentions are genuine. Also, it is wonderful to see the founder and artist be active in multiple communities, willing to collaborate with as many projects as possible and not be afraid to dox himself.

But let’s see who comprises the team, shall we?

First of all, we have the talented Mike Cummings (Cozmo), the one behind the artwork and concept alike. Furthermore, there’s Michelle Cummings (Avalon Rising), the community manager. Last but not least, and as I said above we have the partnership on the development side and that’s the Derp Birds project.

In order to get to know Cozmo a little better, below you can find one of his many interviews:

Discord & Twitter

The community is one of the most engaging and enthusiastic in the CNFT space, and not only in Twitter but in Discord as well. I guess there is a love for quality artwork in our ranks, right? Likewise, the members are constantly rising and the project is close to having a five figure number. Finally, in my opinion, the project is on the right track to becoming one of the most important art-based projects of the space. Why do I believe that? Because of the collaborating approach that the team took. And of course, because of the artwork.

If you want to follow Pendulum’s social media you can check here:


To evaluate an artwork, I always consider the amount of effort that an artist puts to create it. Starting with the amount of details, moving to the perspective and ending it with the coloring.

For the Pendulum project, I have to admit that the effort is clearly visible and there’s no doubt about it. Just look at the details of each piece, even the simplest one. Also, the perspective on how the clothing should stand on the body or even the lighting. Additionally, the coloring is very fitting and to be honest, it gives that feeling of realism.

Altogether, I would describe the artwork as inspirationally authentic.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is very simple, yet very professional at the same time. I mean little details in the design are very welcoming and pretty much every information that explains the project is in there! And for an art-based project (at least for now) it’s more than enough.


It is made pretty clear to us that there are no plans for utility or benefits in the near future. That’s something that we have to respect. Besides that is transparency. So, being a completely art-focused project, Pendulum NFT has no roadmap like the ones that we are used to. But what does it have? Simply its chapters, the collection of the Order and the one with the Chaos.

Closing Thoughts

Pendulum NFT is a project with a very high quality artwork and a team that is basically transparent with most things. We have to respect that and give it to them for being honest. Now, with not much else to expect in the near future, we’ll just have to enjoy the artwork (if you like it of course) and who knows maybe a surprise awaits right on the corner.

Pendulum Soldiers
Authentic Concept & Artwork
Trustworthy, Doxxed & Talented Team
Big & Engaging Community
Professional Website & Art-Focused Roadmap
Project Transparency


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