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March 08, 2022

PastelBudz – Cardano NFT

A collection project with aspirations of developing an exclusive Play-to-Earn game.


PastelBudz is yet another collection project that uses this bold, minimalistic line work that we are all attracted to. Although, we haven’t got a lot of details on it yet, the end goal of it, is to develop an exclusive Pastelverse for its community. In particular, you will only be able to access it by holding a PasteBud. But what is so special about this game? Well the earning opportunity of course. According to their utility channel on Discord, the whole concept includes a Collect-to-Earn and quest systems and the successful users will be rewarded in the project’s utility token. But for now that’s just an idea and we will have to wait for the upcoming whitepaper to see a more complete version of it.


The team consists of three members that to my eyes seem like quite the professional gang. However, it would be awesome to include something on their background in the website or even Discord. After all, the project will develop into a utility one, don’t we want to know the team? So far, the only one transparent enough is Yoss, the community and marketing manager. Now, for the rest of the team, we have jpegJake, who is the founder and probably the artist of the project. And last but not least, there’s The3000MX, who’s the developer. Finally, I would like to mention that it would be really awesome for the team to host an AMA session or a Twitter space (before the drop) and introduce themselves.

Discord & Twitter

I have noticed that this particular art style is attracting a lot of people lately. So this was a no-brainer as to how quickly they raised a supporting community. There were literally more than a thousand Discord joins in the first 24 hours and currently the community counts around five thousand members. Quite awesome right?

Not only that but most of them are very active. Maybe it’s because of their lust for a whitelist spot but nevertheless Yoss does an excellent job in keeping the community interested and occupied. Finally, I have noticed that an option to receive a whitelist spot is to invite people into the server. And, I am quite certain that the difference in followers between Twitter and Discord is due to that. So, I would suggest that the team clears out the server of any possible bots.

If you want to follow PastelBudz social media you can check here:


Concerning the artwork, I have to admit that it’s really awesome and emits that feeling of joy. As I have said above, its a minimalistic line work that depicts brightly colored buddies, all unique. Also, it kind of feels like it’s a slightly more detailed, hence upgraded version of the BrightPalz project. Overall, the artwork is really cool, detailed enough and will probably have an impact on the CNFT community.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is like an extension of the artwork, simplistic and joyful. What I would love to see in there though, is a little more information. For instance, a few words on the team and the ‘About’ section more complete. Other than that, we will get the whitepaper which will add to the information part.


The roadmap has two positive points. The first one is that it’s pretty straightforward and that it has a timeline. However, the nature of the project could support a more appealing and joyful display (i.e. the example on Discord). It’s just that for me this shows a better work ethic.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

PastelBudz has a lot of positives and has a potential to grow further. Also, the team seems professional, so this absolutely helps in the future of the project. Additionally, the community is quite enthusiastic and the joyful artwork is mainly the reason. In conclusion, it is important to note that there are a few details that need improvement, however small. For instance, the addition of more information and maybe something to make the project stand out in terms of the concept.

PastelBudz - Colorful Buddies
Possible Play-to-Earn Game
The Team seems Professional
Active Community
Joyful Artwork
Nice Website (But it feels like it lacks Information)
Not a very Unique Concept
We need more information on most Team members
The Roadmap even though Comprehensible, could be Visually Appealing


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