Pandas in a Bamboo forest

Panda Society

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Panda Society
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March 07, 2022

Panda Society – Cardano NFT

An art-based NFT collection that wants to create a fantastic community around it.


Panda Society builds its community around the fun world of the endangered Giant Pandas. Now, I am quite aware that you know the fun and playful nature of the Pandas, which is why I believe that it is suitable for the NFT world. So, what is this project about? Well, to be honest my first thought was that it is a representation of some form of a DAO; based on the word ‘Society‘. However, my research quickly led me to understand that it is a fun PFP collection with a single aim to provide the highest possible quality of NFTs. Simple and crystal clear, don’t you think?


The core team consist of four members – Georgie, Rick, Jonas and Oliver. Specifically, the founder of Panda Society is Georgie, a NFT enthuasiast from the United Kingdom. Then, there’s Rick, who is the artist of the project with multiple years of experience as a cartoonist. And I just have to add here that a simple browsing in his instagram account will definitely convince you on that. Furthermore, there are Jonas and Oliver, who are the developer and community manager respectively. Who, as far as I can understand, are both really experienced in their fields, which truly brings value to this project. Finally, it is important to note how active Georgie and Jonas have been from day one of the project, which basically was the reason that you’re currently reading this review.

Discord & Twitter

Concerning the community, it is obvious that it is still at its early stages and definitely needs more growth. However, I can see that the team has been making huge steps on improving that, by adding a lot of collaborations. These include, the Goat Tribe, Earth Natives and much more. Moreover, as small as it may be, the community is adequately active and that is the most important part. Last but not least, I want to admit that Discord is quite interesting with a lot of fun channels. And the only thing left to do is for the team to keep on working hard to raise the project’s popularity.

If you want to follow Panda Society’s social media you can check here:


The artwork is probably the most exciting part of my review and of course the project’s. Honestly, when I think of a NFT artwork, and that is a personal opinion, that is pretty much how I imagine it. Just look at the wonderful depiction of the Pandas and correct me if I am wrong saying that this is very professional. In particular, it has clear and distinct lines, appropriate shading and details that correspond to a quality work.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


For an art-based project, the website is fitting and very informative overall. I mean what else should we ask at this stage right? Because we have an explanation of the project, a team introduction, a gallery and their roadmap. So, everything that you need, you can find in there.


Regarding the roadmap, this must be one of the most simple ones that I have encountered so far. It is pretty straightforward but could use a bit more information with what it wants to accomplish. So, we have the Panda family launch (Male, Female and Baby), the usual merchandise drop and a metaverse integration.

Closing Thoughts

Panda Society is one of these project that has a professional and hard-working teams with a high quality artwork. But what else should an investor ask for? That’s right, a community! Thus far, this is the only set back of the project but I can see that it is slowly improving.

Pandas in a Bamboo forest
Simple & Clear Concept
Hard-Working & Professional Team
High Quality Artwork
Informative Website
Small but Growing Community (Not a Negative per se)
The Roadmap feels like it could use more Information


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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