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July 12, 2022

Pains – Cardano NFT

A handmade project with aspirations of a metaverse integration.


The project Pains took its first steps on Cardano with the Growing Pains collection. This very first collection represents human moods through playful artwork, in an attempt to raise awareness about mental health issues. And it will work as the base layer to all their future projects.

What does this mean exactly?

That the holders will have a guarantee whitelist, access to airdrops and various upcoming benefits. Also, it is essential to note here that Growing Pains was nominated twice for the annual CNFT awards:

  • Best Collectibles
  • Best Community

Furthermore, we have the project ParaPains , which is split into two blockchains, one for the Cardano and the other for Ethereum. Why is that you may ask? According to the team, the mission is to bridge the gap between the two communities and open collaborating opportunities.

Now, probably you’re wondering – but what’s the overall mission here?

Well, even if the project seems art-based for now, the team aims to bring those characters into the metaverse. In particular, with a third collection, which will consist of fully animated avatars as a combined result of the two previous series. And the expectation is for them to be compatible with more than one metaverses.

Finally, there is another major utility for the holders and that’s staking. Unfortunately, I could not find any clearer plans or details neither about the metaverse nor the staking. So, I am assuming that the team tries to build the project in a steady and step-by-step approach, without overpromising.


The team consists of three extremely transparent, hard-working and seemingly credible members. As I mention above they are building Pains in a step-by-step approach with longevity in mind and a evolving project. But without further ado, let’s meet them.

To begin with, there’s Olly, an award winning product designer with the ambition to bring his experience in the NFT space. Next, we have Mike, a brand builder with an extensive experience in engineering and design. Last but not least, we meet Kat, the talented artist who creates these beautiful and unique handmade figures.

For anyone wanting to meet the team the videos in the concept section introduce Olly and Mike and the one below shows Kat in action,

To conclude, as I usually suggest, they could share their social medias or maybe personal websites showing part of their work, and gain some extra credibility.

Discord & Twitter

The project has a long presence in the CNFT space with accounts on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube with a large and active community. No wonder Growing Pains was a nominee of the Best Community award. Of course, the most useful tool for information and engagement is the Discord server, where there are announcements and an available space to communicate. And generally, we can find a well-organized Discord containing many useful and entertaining channels. However, I would like to see a channel with a clear concept and vision description in order to help every newcomer to adapt faster.

If you want to follow Pains social media you can check here:


The artwork is of the highest quality, depicting emotional figures with the advantage of handmade clay counterparts. They are simple busts on a range of moods in order to raise awareness about the mental issues we all may encounter in modern societies.

There are various traits decorating these characters, and some of the traits reveal collaborations with a vast number of projects (e.g. a horn to represent the Yummi Universe). Finally, the inspiration usually comes from films and old stories, and I love the minimal approach with the pastel colors.

Below there are some representative samples of the Pains’ art:


The website is professionally designed and artistically matching the theme. It is divided into three main pages. The home page contains – among other things – a brief introduction to the collections. The other two pages that appear in there, are the Mission and the Mindmap sections. In the first one, we meet the vision and the team, and in the latter one we have the chance to check the future goals. Lastly, I find it very interesting that there are photos from the working environment of Kat.


On the website there is a separate section dedicated to the team’s roadmap (Mindmap). It includes the most important goals they have already achieved and some future targets. It does not appear as a common roadmap with a timeline, but it contains some present and upcoming “chapters” with a brief introduction for each of them. So, from my point of view it is clear that the team develops its material stepwise based on a broad agenda, which is possible to reform in the future.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Pains NFT offers high quality artwork and try to sensitize the NFT Community about mental health. We are currently at the second season of the project, and we already see dedication and hard work from the team. It has many interesting and long-term targets, and passion to achieve them. Finally, there are only some details that can boost the project. For instance, a timeline in the roadmap is not necessary, but if given, it will help the community understand when each goal should be expected to happen.

Amazing Artwork
Transparent & Hard-Working Team
Professional Website & Interesting Roadmap (Mindmap)
Large & Active Community (Award Nominated for "Best Community")
The Roadmap doesn't have a Timeline (would be a bonus)


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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