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Orangutans Academy
Release Date
June 19, 2022

Orangutans Academy – Cardano NFT

A project with a mission to educate and empower people through blockchain technologies.


I believe most of you here, are aware of educational platforms such as Wikipedia, Udemy and TED. And those are but a few that exist in the vast digital world. To be honest, it feels like most of them can be either tampered with or completely shut down if the narrative is not similar to that of the world. How many of you have the same feeling as me?

So, what if I told you that Orangutans Academy is a project that not only wants to decentralize education and knowledge base, but also wants to combine all these platforms into one?

Let me of course expand on that,

To begin with, similar to TED Talks, the project will build a Virtual Stage, where students and teachers can use their avatars to give lectures. The aim of which, is to provide entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, and community members a platform to educate on an abundance of topics.

Virtual Stage

Furthermore, we will have the Library of Oraguntania – this will include a collection of open source research documents and articles on any topic. Basically, it will act as a database of knowledge similar to Wikipedia.

Library of Orangutania

Finally, the academy will have its own revenue stream – an open source Course Platform, in which members of the community can create and submit educational courses. These courses can either be free of charge, but also can be sold in this marketplace and 100% of the profits are allocated to the creator. Thus the revenue stream.

Course Platform


As much as I would like to run into a plethora of information about the team members, there are very few out there. What we know is that the team consists of eight members in total but there is nothing else regarding their background to support credibility. So basically, we have Tom (Developer), Maurice (Marketing), Jupiter (Head of Technology), King Louie(Director), Le Monke (Development), Dr. Splitz, Apewat & Darth Bacon(Community Managers). Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that we cannot trust them; on the contrary, they are trying to be as transparent as possible and actually try to attend some Twitter spaces. However, many investors turn down the project as a whole, if they are not sure to whom they allocate their money into. Finally, I would like to include an observation of mine – the members seem very organized and know exactly what they’re doing.

Discord & Twitter

Honestly, the community section is a part which kind of baffles me. What do I mean? Well, it seems like there is a huge difference between the project’s Twitter (~600) account and Discord (4k).

There’s a number of reasons why this can happen. However, the main reason I sould blame is that the team may have hosted an invitation contest, which attracted a lot of bots. Of course, there is always the possibility that everything is normal and that all the community members are legit. But it would be better if the team investigated the matter in depth.

Last but not least, I would like to touch upon the activity/engagement matter. By the looks of it, there is a nice activity level in Discord. However, the conversations do not involve anything meaningful and they are mainly talks with the server’s bot. Also, this reflects to the amount of followers, Twitter has.

Based on the above, the team, in my opinion, should:

  1. Check their Community for possible bots and if so clear them
  2. Push for organic growth and engagement (I strongly believe that collaborations are the way to do it)
  3. And maybe even try talking to some influencers for interviews

If you want to follow Orangutans Academy social media you can check here:


In order to have access to the educational platform of the Orangutans Academy, one must be a holder of an orangutan NFT and a Student’s Pass. In reality, the orangutans will also act as your avatars in the Virtual Stage. And the Student Pass, as your entrance to the endless academy features. Finally from a designing point of view, the artwork depicts the orangutans in a high quality 3D pieces; designed and ready for the avatar use. The same goes for a Student Pass as well.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is honestly one of the best I have seen in a long time. It’s very professional, theme oriented and it describes very clearly what the project is all about. I would like to congratulate the team for such a beautiful outcome. Although, the only thing that I would include as well is, as I said above, more information about the team.


The roadmap is separated into four phases, which to be honest I don’t really agree much with; I would prefer it had a timeline. In spite of that, it is quite informative and I love the fact that it is interactive – it’s actually a wonderful addition.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Orangutans Academy is a project that has a clear goal, as it wants to achieve. Its team seems like a group of organized members that prioritize quality above all else. However, this is a project that depends quite a lot on its community to succeed and thus far I cannot see a strong and supportive one. And that’s a very important detail which they need to improve as fast as possible.

Orangutan Professor
Unique & Educational Concept
The Team is Organized & tries to be as Transparent as possible
High Quality 3D Artwork
Wonderful Website & Informative Roadmap
We need more Information about the Team
The Community needs more care than it currently has and there is an imbalance of members in the Socials


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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