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May 10, 2022

OnBoard NFT – Cardano NFT

A project with a unique onboarding solution for real-life artists entering the NFT space.


Has anyone of you ever felt that the NFT space needs something more than just what we currently have? Or maybe even came across an artist and you wondered, why isn’t he or she into NFTs? Well, let me tell you what, those two questions are interconnected, meaning that what we actually need in this space is to onboard more talent and unique art. And of course that art to be of quality.

OnBoard NFT is a project that strives to close this gap and, as the name implies, to onboard more talent for NFT collectors. Basically, it will act as an artist launchpad which will provide the following benefits:

  1. Project Funding
  2. Digital Design Support
  3. Website creation and hosting
  4. Minting services
  5. Unique access to the Cardano community
  6. Continuous marketing support
  7. The opportunity to launch a small, exclusive collection
  8. Plus a number of additional, tangible benefits

Finally, aside from having a digital presence, the team envisions a business that can also represent art in real life as well. And with physical locations across the world, to give the opportunity to every artist to exhibit and promote their work – even if they don’t want to participate in the NFT space. Overall, OnBoard NFT is a way to empower artists in the digital as well as the physical world.


The core team mostly consists of members that are very experienced in the CNFT ways. And with their support and promotion of quality projects, engagement with the community and understanding of which pieces can be considered art, they united to create this project.

Most of you are already aware of Cardano Salad and Yannick or CNFT Connoisseur, project and community managers respectively. However, a NFT project needs its artist as well and this role is filled with Squashua , an onboarded talent and founding member.

Furthermore, we have two additional members – very transparent and a part of the Tavern Squad project – Jared and Luca, who are in charge of the technical development.

To summarize, I would like to point to the level of credibility that this team emits, as well as the road of transparency that they chose to follow.

Discord & Twitter

The community has been on the rise ever since the launch of their social media. Even though the number is still small, the engagement is really noticeable. Also, the team seems to keep the interest alive and going, with events, collaborations and some unique sneak peeks.

If you want to follow OnBoard NFT social media you can check here:


In order to get into what’s hidding behind the artwork, I had to dig a little deeper and that’s when I found that little piece in the website called “The Founding Story“.

I have to admit that it’s an interesting addition and probably something that a lot more projects can add. But to cut a long story short, it’s a little piece that I can connect with. Especially, with that little paragraph talking about undervalued artists.

In particular, Squashua that was underselling his creations in the streets of Oxford – unique pieces of art that we probably wouldn’t have seen without Salad’s love for quality art.

But what about the NFT artwork? The collection depicts the Furbles – ten generative characters living in the Cardano ecosystem. Also, the style is clearly done by hand, the colors are vivid and honestly the characters are cartoon series ready.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


Something is very clear concerning the website and that is the artistic design of it. In my opinion, as I always say, a website is the face of the project and its design needs to align with the concept. Likewise, it’s informative and covers any concerns that a collector may have with more information than needed.


OnBoard NFT is a project with no roadmap for the time being. Therefore, aside from the fact that it will keep onboarding new talent, we have no idea what other future plans the team has. However, maybe that’s just it don’t you think? Because, as I mention in the concept section, the project offers a full NFT initiation and it will consist of many projects with separate roadmaps.

Closing Thoughts

The team seems to have it all figured out from the initial idea to how to execute it. Also, it is wonderful to see teams that have a deeper connection than just creating the next NFT project. Finally, I believe that OnBoard NFT can be of a great importance not only for newer talent but us the collectors as well. Because art needs to have quality as well.

Exceptional Concept (A way to Empower Artists)
Credible & Transparent Team
Growing & Engaging Community
Unique Artwork
Informative & Fascinating Website
There is no Roadmap (Not necessarily a Negative)


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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