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Mysterious Moai Association
Release Date
October 24, 2022

Mysterious Moai Association – Cardano NFT

A project that delightfully reflects the mysteries of Rapa Nui tribe in the CNFT space.


Mysterious Moai Association is a CNFT project, which art is based on the Easter Islands’ findings: vast statues representing – according to a theory – the ancestors of the Rapa Nui tribe. Despite the extensive archaeological research on the island, the mysteries surrounding the monuments are yet to be revealed. In the same line, Mysterious Moai Association embraces the mysteries and builds a project which offers amazing art pieces but does not limit itself there and will offer additional utility benefits.

Thus far, we know that the project is creating its own ecosystem, and the first utility comes in the form of staking.

Moai Mechanics (Ecosystem)

By ecosystem I mean the Moai Mechanics of course, which is a place where you can safely keep track of your whitelists. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for the Mysterious Moai Association or other CNFT projects, keeping track of your whitelists will be easy with this feature.

More on the Moai Mechanics below:


Moreover, their staking is live and running in partnership with the Mutants project. In particular, the holders can stake their NFTs to earn $MOAI tokens. Any holder can use these tokens to participate in raffles, auctions, and even purchase future NFTs. And all of that will happen in their ecosystem (Moai Mechanics).

*The use of $MOAI tokens is not limited to only the above options.


The core team is a small one and consists of three passionate members.

First of all, Buurtvader, co-founder of the project, is an active member of the CNFT space since 2021 and one of the mods in The Cardano Lounge, too. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any further information concerning his professional background, his passions or skills. But it pleases me to find that he is part of The Cardano Lounge and active in the space.

Next, we meet Tommyswaglord420 or just Tommy, co-founder as well, who is currently working as a Content Marketer. And of course, I can admit that his profession and skills are very important for the project and any project whatsoever. However, it would be nice if we had a working social account (Twitter seems to not exist) to find out a little bit more about him. Lastly, Murls or Merel is the creative of the team. She is a talented illustrator, whose work can be found on Instagram as well and her personal website here.

To conclude, we can see the passion that the team has for the project to succeed. However, a small update on the team section (for the founders mainly) would be awesome to see, as they are not exclusively art-based.

Community (Discord & Twitter)

Now, concerning the community you may have noticed that the project has already attracted a lot of loyal members, some of whom are quite active on Discord. This is an essential element for every utility project, because with their community’s support they can develop facing less difficulties. For this reason, their Discord server is well-built offering space to interact, have fun and engage. Simultaneously, their Twitter account is being constantly informed and the engagement is very good, too.

If you want to follow Mysterious Moai Association social media you can check here:


As I mention above, the artwork is an inspiration from the Rapa Nui monuments on Easter Island, and consequently it depicts Moai sculptures. Lithic statues, sometimes stone-faced, dressed with traditional, modern or even futuristic ornaments and features. Also, the colors are mainly pastel with some bright tones for contrast. Lastly, we could also consider the artwork partly educative, since it highlights an aspect of cultural heritage.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website seems quite professional fairly representing the artwork. It is a single page containing some very brief information about the project and the team. To be honest, I find it too brief, and on the one hand I would recommend the team to update it with the details we have on Discord. But on the other hand, we will get a brand new website soon containing the Moai Mechanics as well – maybe that will be more informative. For instance, the litepaper, some more info on the team and explanation on the Moai Mechanics can appear in there.


We can find two presentations of the roadmap. The one displayed on the website is divided into six steps which refer to the main activities of each period, e.g. First Class Boat Tickets airdrop and their benefits for holders. Nevertheless, it is a brief display that lacks a timeline. On the other hand, the presentation existing on Discord contains every step that is being developed in each period. And represented in a more suitable way, in my opinion, while lacking a timeline as well. At the moment, we are at the second phase of the project with staking, Moai Mechanics and blueprint.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Mysterious Moai Association is an ambitious project trying to build its own identity and ecosystem. At the same time, its artwork is amazing depicting a cartoonish style of Moai statues of the Easter Island. Also, three members form the team, each one with different skills and responsibilities. However, I would like to see an extended representation of each one. Finally, it is worth noting that the community is quite big and supportive.

Amazing & Educative Artwork
Professional Website (Design)
Big & Supportive Community
Utility Concept
More Information about the Team can boost Transparency
Roadmap lacks a Timeline & Litepaper needs all the project information (so far describes only the token)


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