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Release Date
January 21, 2022

Mutants – Cardano NFT

A project with high aspirations of becoming an online NFT card game on the Cardano Blockchain.


Mutants is a project that has aspirations of a future online NFT card game, most likely similar to the Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. And just like every self-respected game, Mutants have their own lore to explain its origins.

So, it all began with Dr. Carono Vacinus, a biochemist, who for many years was trying to invent a formula that would enable all plants to flourish in unfavorable terrains. As his research was at the ending stages though, a rival scientist destroyed his dreams by setting his laboratory aflame. Unable to do anything and covered in deadly chemicals, he threw himself in the waters of a nearby swamp, in a desperate attempt to save his own life. However, something far more dangerous awoke that day due to the chemicals – mutated animals.

Overall, this is a great way to begin and I am expecting it to expand as the project develops further. Thus far, we are aware of two functions of the total five that will be introduced. And these factions will serve a pivotal role in the upcoming card game.


The team consists of six members and even though we have their social accounts I would like to see a bit more about themselves. Like for example a small bio explaining their experience and background. So, to begin with, we have the two Project Managers, Danieis and Andddy. Moreover, there’s the creative duo, misTura and Jugger. Also, the community manager Dmadke. And last but not least, the developer of the project, Glneto. In conclusion, it is important to bear in mind that the team is friendly, hard working and they take their community’s opinion into consideration.

Discord & Twitter

If we take a look at the project socials, we can understand that it has quite a big community, with a total of 17k members on both Twitter and Discord. However, the big difference in these two (14k Twitter & 3k Discord) leads me to believe that a major part of the followers could be bots. Considering the engagement, I am amazed at how much of it, the project gathers. And just like I often suggest to some projects, it pays to have team members specifically for the community. Finally, the project has a medium, having additional information not found elsewhere, which I suggest you visit.

If you want to follow Mutants social media you can check here:


Mutant’s artwork uses an art style that is really unique to the NFT world in general. At least to my experience, it’s the first time that I am seeing such a style. Just by looking at it and even though I know it is a digital art, it seems like watercolors were used for the end result. And each piece is very well detailed, as well as of high quality. Furthermore, as I already mentioned above, there will be five factions in total and thus far we are aware of the Crocodile and Toad ones. Making me curious to find out about the others as well.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is very simple, considering that it is a single page and as a result user friendly as well. However, even though this one is useful to their initial stage (Mutant Crocs), it lacks a lot of information on the continuation of the project. And I believe that it is necessary that the team releases a brand new one with all the scattered information in one website.


The roadmap is clear and comprehensible, it appears on both the website and Discord and I like the fact that it is in constant update. That way we can understand what to expect in the future. So, if you are looking into the project , I strongly suggest that you take a careful look at it.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Mutants is a project that so far offers a very high quality artwork, with aspirations of developing an online card game. Which means that the NFTs have also a utility potential. Also, it seems to me that the team is really passionate on their product. And is working hard on delivering on their promises. But they need to make the journey of their community a bit easier. Meaning that they need one website for everything (marketplace, information, game etc.).

A toad and a crocodile
Interesting Concept
Potential P2E NFT Card Game
Great Artwork with future Utility
Active Community
Hard Working Team
Scattered Information (The Project needs one Website for everything)


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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