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Meta Space Babies
Release Date
February 26, 2022

Meta Space Babies – Ethereum NFT

A project that aims to provide several ways for passive income, along with a metaverse experience.


Meta Space Babies is a very ambitious, multidimensional project. Generally, it is a business model that aims to provide its community ways to passive income. How will the team achieve this?

The project essentially will connect the digital world to the real world. So by developing a real estate platform all the housing contracts will be signed, sealed, and delivered on the blockchain. Also, there are promises of a casino platform (metaverse), a play-to-earn video game, and a comic book.

The above aspirations are backed by a single story, that of certain alien babies that survived their planet’s destruction and seek refuge on Earth. Specifically, they belong to three different regions with different capabilities. The first region is Ingenium which hosts the minds of the alien planet. The second oneVentruvia, contains the creative and innovative babies, and as for the third region Adroitamas, we have the warriors. Their main objective is to save the metaverse from oblivion, but will they co-operate to achieve it?

Moving further, the team will need financial support and a way to get it will be by taking advantage of their metaverse land holdings and crypto assets. Also, for additional revenue streams, they will offer start-up packages for entrepreneurs, full-service NFT project development, communications consulting, branding services, and even recruitment services.

Consequently, they aim to create a self-sufficient community based on valuable artwork, fascinating stories, and utility. However, it seems too complex to me, and I am afraid that there are way too many promises that may never fulfill. Apart from that, I imagine that a huge team is necessary to complete all those tasks and keep the project continually successful.


The team consists of ten members, of whom we have no identities but only their roles. In particular, Kongodorian, Vicky and Stardust, responsible for parts of the development. Furthermore, there are Padrino, Combo, Bam and Rusher, who are managing the processes. And finally, Bacchus, Depi and Alemovski, who are on the artistic side. Unfortunately, I could not find any more information about the team, aside from the multiple AMAs that are listed in Discord. It is of course respectful for them to include all these AMAs and host them. However, in my opinion, a project of such aspirations needs a full team exposure. Finally, in their whitepaper they emphasize that “transparency is better than secrecy”, so I expect that they will make the right move soon.

Discord & Twitter

The community can be considered big even though it’s on the Ethereum Network, counting around 9k followers on Twitter and almost double the number on Discord. This means that the project, even though quite new, attracts enough attention in the NFT space. Now, concerning their Discord server, there are many interesting channels so that all potential investors can communicate daily. And admittedly, some people are quite active on general discussions providing ideas and sharing their thoughts.

If you want to follow Meta Space Babies social media you can check here:


Regarding the artwork, we can see babies floating in space, dressed in a variety of clothes and accessories. Even though there are some very interesting details, to be honest, I was expecting more innovative results. What I mean is, that the team is very ambitious and has set the bar too high. Consequently, I was expecting to see something beyond ordinary and much more professional. Of course, this is only my point of view and, as I always say, art is subjective.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website has a professional touch and matches the theme; it is organized and well-structured. Also, it provides a whitepaper for everyone interested in details. However, the team introduction shares no information about the members’ identities and experience, and it can be updated with a brief bio.


Meta Space Babies introduces a two-side roadmap. The first one is the Development Lane, which refers to the team’s decisions: a pathway full of targets. Specifically, we have the comic book release, tokenization and staking, a wearables marketplace, the game development, and the release of the Real Estate and Casino platforms. Quite promising, huh?

The second lane refers to the community’s decisions. This means that the holders will have a voice in the project’s development. Especially, in spending and allocating their share of profits. Lastly, we should note their charity goals, as they plan to contribute funds in several organizations that help people, animals, and the planet.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Meta Space Babies is one of the most ambitious projects I have seen in the NFT space. And despite the fact that it seems very organized, I struggle to see the connection for all these goals. Also, I would like to note that a team introduction could help the project gain some trust and credibility. Despite the above objections, there are many strengths, such as the clear roadmap, the big community’s support and their part in the decision making.

Three Meta Space Babies
Ambitious Concept
Big & Active Community
Professional Website & Informative Roadmap
Project Transparency
No Team Information
Nice Artwork but not as promising as the Concept
Multiple Layer Concept that have no relation


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