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February 03, 2022

Meta Icon – Ethereum NFT

A project that attempts to connect the virtual world with the fashion and luxury industry.


Meta Icon aims to lead the fashion innovation in the virtual world, as well as guarantee the quality and authenticity of their partners’ products. Hence, the project is not only a collection of stylish NFTs, but essentially a gateway for brands that desire to enter the virtual world. Of course, this does not only refer to well-recognized brands, but it is also an opportunity for newer talent to emerge.

Having very ambitious and demanding goals, the team is ready to meet the challenge. Specifically, part of the ambition is the project’s promotion in the real world, with advertising campaigns in each major city of the world. Finally, with the conquering of the real world, the project will move on to build its own virtual world on Sandbox. And that will give the chance to the holders to earn rewards. Overall, we are not just talking about a fashion project, but a full-functional virtual reality.


The team consists of twelve members with roles on art production, marketing, management, and development. And the main point is that it is comprised of two parts, the members of the founding team and the members of the creative team.

To begin with the founding team, we have Naouri , the CEO of the project. With a background as an entrepreneur and knowledge in digital marketing. Moreover, we’ve got the Community Creation Expert, Samy. Who is also an artist himself and an entrepreneur with skills in the management of social media. And last but not least, there’s Sami, the Technical Expert with a deep passion for new technologies such as the blockchain.

Furthermore, we cannot forget about the most vital part of the project and that is the creative team. Firstly we have the Artists, Nuageboi, A3dguy and Gomar. Additionally, there are the social experts, Justfa, Mina, Metasab and Flyte. Finally, the technical members, Idea and Hulk.

Discord & Twitter

I have to admit that this project attracts a lot of attention in the NFT space with a pretty large and active community. Also, the engagement that the project receives is quite phenomenal. Making me believe that it’s mostly out of anticipation for the upcoming launch. Finally, the team went as far as to introduce Meta Icon, in Instagram and Tik Tok, with a great success I would say.

If you want to follow Meta Icon’s social media you can check here:


Meta Icons are unique fashionable figures, inspired by the most famous designers and trends. Now the artwork is where things get interesting, as it is breathtaking; 3D characters, each one unique. They have various attributes, and they are dressed in stylish clothes and accessories. Also, a technological and futuristic touch is obvious on all of them. And the details are truly amazing and quite realistic. To be honest, the artwork was that which made me check this project. And this is a good example for all projects to understand how demanding and competitive NFT industry will be.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website has a simple structure, in which you can find all the necessary information for a thorough research. Specifically, the project’s goals, a team introduction and a comprehensible roadmap. Also, the artwork is visible throughout the page, without being tiring. To sum up, the website is user-friendly, well-designed, and matches the theme.


The roadmap displays all their ambitions and goals of the project, which is quite clear at this point. However, there are no steps or timelines, and it seems like all those goals are being achieved simultaneously. In other words, we can understand the final target, but we cannot see the process clearly.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Meta Icon is a project that combines high-quality artwork and ambitious goals. Of course, a transparent and skilled team, along with an enthusiast community, can lead this project to achieve all their goals and become a success story. 

Meta Icon - Fashionable Children in 3D
Transparent & Experienced Team
Ambitious Plans
Large & Active Community
Professional & User Friendly Website
The Roadmap could include a much clearer process and a timeline


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