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Melting Moonboy
Release Date
April 12, 2022

Melting Moonboy – Cardano NFT

An art-based project with long term mindset that wants to offer quality art to the CNFT community.


The first time that I saw the project, it instantly reminded me of these classic animation shorts of the 30s. And I got to admit, that this was the catalyst to get my attention. But what is the Melting Moonboy exactly? According to the creators, it is a collection that depicts positivity in the Cardano blockchain. An art-based collection that wants to embed the meaning of quality to the CNFT space. And what better way to do that, than creating a brand that everyone can relate to. More importantly, a brand with a supportive community. Overall, the project values associate with quality and community orientation. And who knows maybe a surprise is around the corner.


The team consists of four crypto enthuasiasts who met in the CNFT space, wanting to create. And create they did. Unfortunately, we have no idea who they are in reality, but the anonymity is not bothering me so much. You know, because of the art exclusivity.

Additionally, what I do love about the team, is the very slow approach they are taking. Specifically, the project was firstly introduced in January 2022, and the drop date is set for mid to late Q2. Well, what does this tell you about the team’s intentions? Let me help you here, by saying that they are in no rush to sell anything to you and their ‘community comes first’ mindset is real.

Furthermore, I would like to introduce the members of the team by saying that technically they are all the founders of the project. To begin, we have Fred (a.k.a Diamond Crater) and he is the concept designer. Next, we have Kyron and Ares, who are in charge of the project’s analytics. Finally, I could not finish the introduction without the artist, and that would be Frannie; a creative that stands behind the value of quality.

Discord & Twitter

Since it’s launch, the project has gathered a loyal support from its community. Also, it is worth noting that it has grown quite a lot since then, and the activity is ever increasing. In fact, I can only imagine what the case will be during the weeks that are left till the drop.

If you want to follow Melting Moonboy’s social media you can check here:


In the team’s own words “the project is quality-focused” and I can stand behind that and agree completely. Just have a look at the colors, shadings and overall details. Aren’t they amazing? In my opinion that’s what 2D quality pieces looks like. To illustrate, the collection depicts a boy with a moon-shaped head that is melting and of course has some randomly generated traits.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website along with every other details in this project took the slow approach as well. Why am I saying that? Obviously because it was released just recently. However, the wait was worth it and the result looks very professional. Likewise, it is very informative and has a very appealing design.


The roadmap, in its core essence, does not look like one – it is more of some achievable goals that the team has in store and would like to implement in the future. Therefore, I believe that some sort of an improvement is needed here. You know, being an art-based project maybe have an awesome display and a timeline of when the team expects to achieve these goals.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Melting Moonboy has a great potential to become an awesome art project with a very strong community. At least the early signs, such as: long term mindset, engaging community and overall professionalism are pointing towards it. It all depends on the test of time from here on after.

Melting Moonboy Universe
Relatable Concept
Team with a Long-Term Mindset
Strong & Engaging Community
Quality Artwork
Professional Website
The Roadmap needs to look like one (That of course if the team wants to include one)


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