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July 07, 2022

Jesus 2 – Cardano NFT

A project that will fund its own animated short film staring characters from the collection.


Set in many thousands of years in the future, Jesus 2 revolves around two space pirate brothers named Sunday and Monday, whose main objective is to smuggle the living into the world of the dead.

The story begins with the president of Zombie Nation, who resurrected Jesus with the purpose of saving the human race from death. However, things didn’t go as planned and Jesus, now known as Jesus 2, couldn’t be controlled, making every living creature in the universe immortal. Eventually, even though no one could die, no one wanted to live anymore. Because there was no reason to do so. But there was hope, with the creation of a ship by the last remaining angelic beings that would help our main characters with their smuggling.

Not only that but they had another objective as well – to kill Jesus 2. Thus restoring order. Unfortunately, the majority of the universe is against this plan and the only hope lies with the people of Earth.

I have to admit that the storyline is really creative and quite intriguing to me as well. Likewise, I am quite sure that the animation will mainly focus on dark and drama comedy, much like the previous works of Jesse Moynihan.

Also, bear in mind that the funding of the animation will come from the sell out of the Jesus 2 character collection. Of course the costs have already been budgeted for and will be produced by the same team behind series like Rick and Morty. Therefore making the holders some kind of partners in the realization of a dream. Finally, the holders will receive an animation snippet and gain a pre-release exclusive viewing.

Nevertheless, the question of whether the project is art or utility based remains? With my personal answer leaning more towards art.


I am fairly sure that most of you reading this, are aware of the animated series Adventure Time and The Midnight Gospel right? Both of which got quite popular with their unique comedy. What is very intriguing to me though is that the art director behind them, Jesse Moynihan, is the one behind the Jesus 2 project as well.

In particular, Jesse is a cartoonist, designer and writer and he found a way to bring Jesus 2 to life thanks to decentralization and NFTs.

Transparency? Credibility? You name it and more importantly it doen’t get better than this.

Furthermore, Jesse has Jonathon Bolitho in his team, the community manager of Jesus 2. Also, there’s Drew Shenfield and Patty Hoss who are both managers representing writers in Los Angeles. It goes without saying that they are a huge help for Jesse’s new journey.

To conclude, as I mention above, Jesus 2 will be produced by the team behind projects such as Rick and Morty, Midnight Gospel and Adventure Time.

Discord & Twitter

Even thought, the community is growing slowly, I can confirm that it is doing so in an organic way. Likewise, there’s awareness that the project is all about entertainment, which is superb for a strong and supportive community. On top of that, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone that it takes so long for the minting to kickstart and the engagement keeps getting better constantly. Last but not least, it is understandable that the current condition does not help push community growth. Since in my opinion, it could be improved. However, maybe increasing the collaborations will actually help in that?

If you want to follow Jesus 2 social media you can check here:


The artwork is unlike anything that I have seen so far in a positive way. I like how different and creative it is, with a touch of humor in most pieces. Additionally, the colors blend fantastically together and the futuristic feeling is evident as well. I honestly do not know what the future will look like, but here we have an awesome example. Finally, the collection will depict 30 unique base characters of the Jesus 2 universe, meaning that they will of course be part of the animation.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website, in all its simplicity, has all the information available, a design worthy of an animation film and more importantly an air of professionalism. The only downside that I noticed we shall see in the next section.


Regarding the roadmap, I got to say that it is comprehensible and generally has a clear goal. However, it definitely needs an update on its timeline as soon as possible. I mean according to it, we should have minted already but here we are. Do not get me wrong, it’s quite beautiful to see a push back in order to deliver an awesome product. But we should take care of the smallest of details as well.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Jesus 2 is a project with a positively different art that will probably offer some humor with its upcoming animation film. Not only the concept is quite unique but creative as well. Also, the team is well established to deliver such a product with years of experience and knowledge. Titles, such as Rick and Morty and Adventure Times are only but a few in their portfolio. And with a community supportive such as theirs, great things will happen.

Jesus 2 Universe
Animation Based Concept (Distinct & Creative Storyline)
Transparent & Credible Team
Supportive & Engaging Community (The Growth however could be Improved)
Futuristic & Cool Artwork with a touch of Humor
Simple but Professional & Informative Website
Comprehensible Roadmap with a Clear Goal (A tiny update to its timeline is needed)


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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