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April 21, 2022

Introverts – Cardano NFT

An artistic project, which represents each and everyone of us based on our passions.


I believe that you are aware by now that I am very fond of adding definitions in my reviews, mainly to provide a clearer view of the a project’s concept. And I have to admit that the Introverts project gives me a lot of mental stimulation being one myself. So, let’s see what’s an introvert and what it has to do with the concept.

An introvert or introversion is a state of being predominantly interested in one’s own mental self. As a result, all introverts prefer to concentrate on a single activity at a time and observe situations before they participate – much like children.

Introverts is an artistic collection of NFTs that derives inspiration from that inner child that we all have. It is a project that wants to unlock the passions of each one of us and to represent it with its own universe. Specifically, the project has a concept that names it the Inner Cosmos and in there, they exist. But which universes are there? To enumerate, we have art, anime, books, games, fashion, movies, music and sports. Talk about a nerd’s paradise huh?

Finally and according to the team, each of these universes grants different benefits (a.k.a utility) to the holders. However, we still need more information on this subject.


Interestingly enough the team consists of seven members and according to my experience, the more the members, the more professional the results. And thus far the team ain’t disappointing. Aside from that, I should note here that they are extremely transparent, hard working and community centered. But let’s meet each every member, shall we?

To begin with, we have the artist, the mind behind the idea and also a fellow introvert, D-Nice. Next, there’s the co-founder and community manager, Markus. Also, Markus is a programmer and a UX designer, so I guess we can expect a great Introverts experience. Moreover, there’s Paolo the developer and Lilli, who is in charge of the marketing. Finally, we have the three moderators, Madcap, Carolina and Juan, who are the pillars that keep the community united.

Discord & Twitter

The community became enthusiastic about the project with just the launch of the project’s Twitter account. I guess a cool marketing along with a wonderful artwork did the trick and the growth began, continuing to this day. Following the community’s enthusiasm, we can notice a very active engagement happening in both Twitter and Discord, a feature that many other projects would be jealous of. But rightfully so, because the team is really working in keeping it that way with a variety of activities.

If you want to follow Introverts social media you can check here:


The artwork, stylewise, is definitely something unique and rare in the CNFT space. What do I mean by that? Well the pieces try to present some kind of realism but with a cartoonish flair in each piece. Overall, the pieces are uniquely colorful, have nice details and is the effort is truly obvious.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


Well, I said it above didn’t I? That we can expect a great Introverts experience. And what better way than starting with the face of the project – the website. In particular, it is simple, answers all the questions that you may have and has a very cool design.


The roadmap is another part that I fancy along with the website. We can see that it is very straight forward with headlines mostly but it is understandable. Also, I like the fact that the team knows exactly when each step is going to happen, with some parts so specific that we even have the dates. What I cannot wait to find out more about is more details on the Inner Cosmos part.

Closing Thoughts

Introverts is a project that checked all the boxes before launching anything to the CNFT community. It is very clear that the team is very experienced and are willing to be transparent. Also, every other detail surrounding the project is top notch, which points to professionalism. In general, there are very few projects that are launch ready and Introverts are one of them.

Introvert Kids
Intriguing & Distinct Concept
Transparent & Experienced Team
Enthusiastic & Engaging Community
Wonderful & Unique Artwork
Straight Forward & Informative Website & Roadmap


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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