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@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Release Date
November 17, 2021

Horrocubes – Cardano NFT

A project for the fans of puzzle games and seekers of mystery.


Horrocubes is a puzzle boxes game in the Cardano blockchain, which is powered by Plutus Smart Contracts. Specifically, we are called to solve puzzles to read a story that takes place in the H.P. Lovecraft’s universe (1st story). The story advances when we are successful in solving a puzzle. Apart from the revealing of the story, each puzzle that we solve unlocks different rewards, such as: Collectible cards (21 unique cards), Horrocoins (which you can use to claim additional rewards), and finally, the Trophy of Completion (which you unlock at the final puzzle). According to the developer, the project will have many stories divided into chapters (for the 1st story 10 in total) and for each chapter there is a puzzle that we need to solve in order to progress.


We currently know the developer Angel Castillo, who is a software engineer and the main face of Horrocubes. He is really informative and along with the exposure, he gains a lot of credibility. Even though the project shows high quality, it would be a bonus to have at least some information about the rest of the members, if any, and their background. In fact, I am sure that there is at least an artist involved in the team that we have no clear information on. Finally, it is noticeable the emphasis that the team is giving to their community because the progress of each story will depend upon them.

Discord & Twitter

Both Discord & Twitter currently count less than a thousand members, which I consider a small community. Consequently, we cannot see much activity. However, the team tries to develop its community using common strategies, like giveaways. In my opinion, the project has huge potential and I expect the community to grow bigger soon. Lastly, I should mention that their Discord needs more work. I am not sure whether this is a strategy to add a mystery touch to the project but they could add some additional information in there as well.

If you want to follow Horrocube’s social media you can check here:


To begin with, all horrocubes and the rewards are Alonzo-era products, which means that no duplicates can exist or be mutable. That adds a degree of difficulty for the creators because they are not allowed to change anything, not even correct any mistakes after creation. This simply means that the creators should be very careful to deliver an excellent and unique product. The artwork result is mind-blowing! The artist offers us a detailed and high-quality art which you can have a look at the website, so you can form your own opinion.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is well-built and matches that mystery and darkness effects that the project possesses. We can find all the basic information about the project: the theme, the way it works, the rewards, the roadmap, some pieces of the art, and a link to buy the tokens (It is still in the minting process). It only lacks information about the team behind the project, which is important for many investors.


The roadmap appears on the website and some details the team announces on Discord as well. The information we get from the roadmap is clear but short-term. We can see what is expected to happen until Q1 2022. However, I do not think that this is a downside because it is in the nature of the game and that is the period when the mystery starts. Horrocubes is a story driven project and from here on after, we can expect the roadmap to be on a constant update.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Horrocubes is a very interesting project for all lovers of puzzle and mystery games. It is well-built and with a powerful concept. Additionally, we know that the team has been working on the project for at least the last 6 months, so we expect a high-quality product. Finally, with some updates, it will gain a lot more popularity. 

Horrocube Eyes Banner
We could get more information on the team
Discord needs additional work


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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