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March 27, 2022

Her World – Cardano NFT

An inclusive project targeting everyone that is fun, cool, cute, colorful and silly.


Her World defines itself as an inclusive project that targets everyone single individual in the NFT space. But what exactly does this mean? And how will this be achieved?

Well, the initiative took place when the artist of the project felt like there was a lack of female representation in the space. And to be honest, that is somewhat true. Basically, there are a few projects, whose artwork are appealing enough for women to get into and feel comfortable holding. So, what did the artist do?

The answer to that question is Her World, which is a collection of fun, colorful and female centered PFPs. However, the fun doesn’t stop there as the main intention of the project is to work the collection alongside its community. How? By letting them unleash their creativity and including it in smaller collections.


The team consists of three members and even though we have no idea who they really are, we at least have an introduction of them. Now, before introducing them I would like to note that the project identifies itself as art-based. As such and in my opinion, the anonymity is not necessarily a negative per se.

But let’s get to the introductions. Interestingly enough we have two artists for this project, Sketch and Sighthound. As it seems, they are both located in Great Britain and are very passionate about the CNFT space. Lastly, we have Buckfast, who is in charge of everything concerning the community and marketing.

Overall, the team has a great willingness to provide some quality in the CNFT world. Also, they are providing as much project transparency as possible and they are active in a lot of Twitter spaces.

Discord & Twitter

Surprisingly enough the engagement of the community on Twitter is pretty good and they seem to like the colorful pieces. However, I can see not that much of an activity in Discord. Well, considering that the community is not that big so far, I think it is understandable. Furthermore, I can see that the team likes hosting all sorts of events, which of course is intriguing for the community. Finally, I would like to point here that it could probably be amazing if the project would seek more collaborations with other projects.

If you want to follow Her World social media you can check here:


The artwork depicts a female character in a generative collection, meaning that there are multiple traits. Also, the collection uses this minimalistic line work and deep, bright colors for each piece. As I have already reviewed multiple such art styles, I can safely say that this is a trend. Overall, the artwork is cheerful and very simple. What remains to see now is if the community will accept it!

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


Just like the artwork, the website follows the same simplistic logic. Specifically, it is created in a cheerful manner and contains adequate information to fully understand what you are dealing with.


So, you thought the roadmap would be complicated at least? Well, not at all – as it follows the same simplistic cheerful display. To tell you the truth, I think that is something that should be implemented in every project in the NFT space. What I mean? Well, you take the artwork as a reference and every other detail surrounding it should fit it directly.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Her World has a very different mission and that is to include every individual in this new world of NFTs. Thus far, I can deem it as very new and it has much work to do with its growth but I believe the team is in the right direction. Additionally, as I have said before the project is art-based so far. So, the community should treat the project as such for the time being and not expect any utilities.

Her World bubbles
Inclusive Concept
Project Transparency
Simple but Cheerful Artwork
Comprehensible Website & Roadmap
Anonymous Team (Not a Negative per se, as long as the project remains Art-Based only)
Engaging but Small Community


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