A wizard from wearing all sort of equipment on a rock staring the sky with a frog by his side and a snail on his head

Happy Hoppers Club

The quest for Lake Cardano

Happy Hoppers Club
Release Date
November 07, 2021

Happy Hoppers Club – Cardano NFT

An interesting project that gathered steam really quickly and gained the trust of many CNFT fans.


Happy Hoppers Club needs your help in saving Lake Cardano. Are you going to sit idle and provide no help? Hoppers are frogs that live in Lake Cardano, spending their time with their friends – in a peaceful and happy manner. That peace would soon be disturbed by an unusual enemy, relentless human machines that do nothing else but leave doom in their path. The Hoppers in a desperate attempt to save their home, founded the Happy Hoppers Club – an organization devoted to saving Lake Cardano, but they cannot do it by themselves alone – they need out help as well. A really small but clever story that gets the community involved as well.


Following the recent release of their website, we finally have a detailed introduction of the team. It is comprised of five members: Oodon the Artist & the genius behind the lore, Outoftheworld Co-founder & Lead Coordinator, Jub Co-founder & Community Manager, Pastaplease the Minter & Developer and last but not least Telfire the Website expert. I have to admit that we got more than enough information about the team to add to their credibility score. Finally, I would like to note that the team is really active in their social accounts and doing an excellent job in keeping the interest of the community. They are very friendly and hepful as well.

Discord & Twitter

Concerning the community, I am really impressed with its growth. Over 5k members in a short period of time in Twitter and a Discord that since its launch a few days ago (from the time of publishing) gathered more than 2k members. On top of that, the activity is huge (especially in Discord) with the engagement reaching new highs every time. What I believe is that the xp system(gives access to the pre-sale) is to blame here. Although I have reasons to believe that the team is on the lookout in banning the spam accounts. Also, there are tons of giveaways and events active that attract the attention of more and more people (one of my favorite is the “draw your Hopper”). Finally, I did see an Instagram account, where I noticed low activity (instagram is not a place for NFTs yet).

If you want to follow Happy Hoppers Club’s social media you can check here:


The artwork is quite interesting and is focused around the Hoppers (Frogs). Colorful vectors in different variations and with many traits & accessories attached to them. To be honest, the artwork is really simple but the team did an excellent job in promoting the hoppers that the community deems really valuable.

Some examples of the artwork can be seen below:


The website is very well organized and we have enough information to conduct a proper research just with it alone. It is bright and colorful, matching the whole artwork and theme of the project – a job well done by Telfire!


The Roadmap can be found in the Discord server & recently added in the website. It provides adequate information about the path of the project but is still pending more details. From what I saw, the roadmap is separated into Generations (Seasons), where each generation describes the story. In generation 1 we will meet the Happy Hoppers Club, in generation 2 we will form the alliance and in the 3rd generation we will defend Lake Cardano. Last but not least, even though it needs more details, it has a clear path.

Closing Thoughts

A project with a great backstory (even though short)and with a strong team. A website that arrived as promised and with a Roadmap with a clear path. Most importantly, I could not find any real drawbacks to the project.

A wizard from wearing all sort of equipment on a rock staring the sky with a frog by his side and a snail on his head


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