Guardians of Cardano - A pirate, a Knight and an Oni

Guardians of Cardano

A Toy Collection

Guardians of Cardano by Mipa Toys
Release Date
January 16, 2022

Guardians of Cardano – Cardano NFT

A project with a greater vision for the Universe of Cardano, reflecting its ecosystem directly. And providing a High Quality Collection.


Guardians of Cardano is a CNFT designer toy collection developed by Mipa Toys. Specifically, it is a project that provides the freedom to create multiple characters from different themes. And uniting them into a single universe. Now, the idea is a form to represent the Cardano Logo, which consists of thirty dots that were generated by the Hypocycloids. In particular, each dot represents a unique world and within each world, a Guardian exists. Those Guardians can be whatever the designer of Mipa Toys chooses them to be, from Pirates to Alien species.


Mipa Toys is surprisingly, a one man’s project and probably the reason which keeps it fairly in the dark. To begin with, the Artist behind the project is Michal , an engineer by day and a toy designer by night. Another great example of a man supporting his passion. Specifically, Michal found out about designer toys around seven years ago and the sheer determination to explore this space lead him to become a part of it. After gaining enough experience on the subject, the Cardano Blockchain and the CNFTs hype occured. And that’s where Michal knew it was time to showcase his talent. Thus, we have Mipa Toys, the name of which is a combination of letters from his and his wife’s name (Mi-chal & Pa-ulina).

Discord & Twitter

The size of the community is not so big and the activity only just recently has picked up pace. I honestly believe that the workload is too much for Michal to handle everything by himself. And probably a team expansion is necessary. Or maybe even the assignment of some moderators to increase Discord’s activity. For example, the moderators can engage with the community more often, host some game nights even, and keep that load off his shoulders. Consequently that will help Michal spend more time on his designs.

If you want to follow Mipa Toys social media you can check here:


The Guardians of Cardano are unique 3D sculptures that depict a character along with his companion. So highly detailed and beautiful that you get the feeling that its a photo of a real toy. So far, there is an introduction to the Legends of Oni with The Dragons, The Pirate Blackbeard with his Sharks and The Knights of Cardano with their Griffin companions. And I am eager to find out which Guardian will appear next. Also, as I have said above each Guardian represents a world in the Cardano Logo (dot), which means that we have 27 additional Guardians awaiting to be awoken.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is brand new and very simple I would say. Not that it requires anything more because the project is clearly a representation of high quality toys. And basically, a gallery for us to browse all the available Guardians is enough for now. Finally, I am really happy that Michal did actually add an introduction of himself in here. That for me means that he is so comfortable with the quality of his work that he is not afraid of the exposure.


The roadmap for Mipa Toys is absent and probably that is because there is not much else other than the collections. Now, from what I have seen each collection needs around four months to launch. So maybe a roadmap would help other investors that are not so familiar with the project and have an idea of when to expect the next collection.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Guardians of Cardano has a very simple but clever concept, which involves the Cardano Logo. And by this logic it would be awesome to see the project evolve into an animation or maybe even an NFT game, where your Guardian can be used as an avatar. Also, we have a very passionate and talented artist that provides the highest possible quality that a 3D artist can, making the artwork exquisite. However, I believe that in order for the project to reach its full potential Michal needs to expand his team.

Guardians of Cardano - A pirate, a Knight and an Oni
Clever Concept
Passionate, Confident & Talented Artist
Exquisite Artwork
Simple Website but suited for this project
Require a Team Expansion & Promotion
There could be a Roadmap


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