Paperlike Apartments at night with some of them having their lights on

Felt Society

Adding some Texture to the Cardano Blockchain

Felt Society
Release Date
June 03, 2022

Felt Society – Cardano NFT

A pure art-based project with a very unique art style, only found in a handful of projects.


If you are here, reading this review then there is a good chance that you were intrigued by the uniqueness of this project. I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s not like all the projects are using this art-style, or anything. Of which style am I talking about though? Paper-Cut of course. And Felt Society is a project that offers a very high quality of it. Also, I would like to note something really interesting that is mentioned in the project’s Twitter account and website. The collection is a non-autogenerated one, meaning that the artist put a lot of time and effort into creating it. And this effort, should be of great importance to art fans, such as yourself.


Felt Society is the creation of a single artist and he is the one running the whole project. In fact, that is why you’ve probably heard so little of it. So, who is the artist? Well, he goes by the nickname, Mr. Felt in Discord, even though we have no clue pointing at him, nor an introduction whatsoever. But remember what I said in the beginning of my review? This is an art-based project. Therefore, knowing who is behind Felt Society is a secondary information, but a welcomed one if Mr. Felt decides to provide it to us.

Discord & Twitter

Concerning the community, it is being built in a totally organic way since the project’s debut in December 2021. Also, taking into account that the team consist of only one member, then the size of it, is pretty acceptable to me. However, I believe that a lot more emphasis should be given to the community overall and especially in Discord. Probably with some activities. Finally, I am really impressed by the whole engagement that the project receives in Twitter. I will summarize it with a single word – exceptional.

If you want to follow Felt Society’s social media you can check here:


I guess we made it to the most important section of this review, right? As I mention above, the artist is using the Paper-Cut style and I have to admit that his talent is noticeable. Furthermore and into the collection, we have a variety of characters (11 to be exact) and each of them has of course his own traits and attributes. Thus, they consist the whole society. Finally, I want to note that the palette of colors that Mr. Felt is using along with the texture, are actually the ones making all the difference in each piece.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is very simple, mainly to present the project as a whole, but at the same time very professional as well. In particular, the design is really thought of, the information (as much as we have) is there and overall it matches perfectly the idea.


According to the website, the roadmap will be created in collaboration with the project’s community. To be honest, I don’t know how this will work out, but we will have to see it after the minting date.

Closing Thoughts

Felt Society is a project that is very clear about what it wants to offer and that is art. Mr. Felt, who is the sole member of the project is a hard-working and talented fellow. And that is noticeable by the variety of sneak peeks that we have. Furthermore, I love the fact that the community’s growth is organic and that they are pretty engaging. And finally, it is important to emphasize how important it is for the NFT space, to actually implement unique art such as this one.

Paperlike Apartments at night with some of them having their lights on
Unique Concept
Laborious & Quality Artwork
Hard-Working & Talented Artist
Organic Growth & Engaging Community
Simple but Professional Website
Anonymous Artist (Not a Negative per se)
There is no Roadmap


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