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Fast Society
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November 01, 2022

Fast Society – Cardano NFT

A project that will introduce a play & earn racing game in a cross-chain environment.


Who can forget the moments he/she spent in front of a screen along with his/her friends playing video games? I bet no one, because these were the most amazing and fun moments! For me – the games always involved some type of a car and I always felt the adrenaline just by playing it. But not just any car, I always chose my favorite muscle car, the Ford Mustang.

Now, you may be wondering why am I telling you all this, right? For starters, it works as a great entry and secondly the project we’re looking into today will introduce a game based off my favorite car category.

To begin with, Fast Society is a promising cross-chain project on Cardano and Solana, aiming to build a racing Play & Earn gaming experience. Think Need for Speed but in a Web3 environment, which means that you own your cars and you earn real money for the races you partake.

In addition to the game, it is worth noting that the project will raffle a real Mach1 Mustang 1969 .

But is there a story? Of course!

According to the lore, AutoCorp factory was located in a town which most of the residents worked for years in car production. However, the factory collapsed, making the town uninhabitable. With the passing of time though, the factory and the town were given a second chance. A fresh new life and a new society of muscle car lovers – will you become part of it?


The project is run by a professional team with experience in game development or should I better say, a company!

Oxygen, is a Polish group of companies operating in the gaming sector and includes Mousetrap Games, HyperCat, and Block Dog. The head of these teams is Edward Mężyk or IronEd, who is of course the CEO. Specifically, he is an entrepreneur with experience in data analysis, business development, and project management. Additionally, he is a sportsman who always had a passion for games, and may I say that he is lucky enough to combine his hobbies and work.

Finally, he is quite transparent and his companies released quite a lot of titles since 2020. Of course the team is huge, filled with professionals and in case you want to meet them, just enter Oxygen’s website.

Consequently, for all the aforementioned reasons, I believe that this is the most complete and professional team I have seen so far.

To conclude, I want to mention the project’s External Advisor, Ivor Ivosevic or Voshy, who has been working on Solana before NFTs even existed on the chain.

Community (Discord & Twitter)

The project has been with us for quite some time now, however the community is still small but growing. Also, their Discord server’s community seems to grow a little slower, which is not a drawback per se for two main reasons. Firstly, communities which grow based on real interest, and not just hype, tend to last longer, even if they are not big enough from the beginning. Secondly, the growth may always be affected by the bear market conditions.

If you want to follow Fast Society’s social media you can check here:


The artwork is certainly professional. Thus far the collection consists of 8,888 unique NFT muscle cars, which will be split 50/50 on Cardano and Solana. The cars’ designs are based on real classic muscle cars, like the Ford Mustang, and the results are of high quality. Also, keep in mind that they are all drawn by hand even to the slightest details. Of course, the project aims to release a game, so I believe that it will retain the same high quality!

You can see some examples of the artwork can below:


Concerning the website, it is quite appealing. Its strongest trait is the starting video that appears on the top of the page. This video acts like a marketing tool, as it attracts the attention and advertises their product surrounded by keywords and sound. In general, it is a professional website which includes all the necessary information an investor will look for.


We can find the Roadmap both on the website and Discord. It is divided into stages, each one covering a quarter of the years 2022-2023. We are still at the second stage, where the team tries to build and organize its community, and works on collaborations. At the end of this phase, we also expect the first mint to happen. In the next phases, the team is planning to prepare a DAO, develop the project further and release the alpha version of the game (at the end of 2023).

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Fast Society is a racing game NFT project based on classic muscle cars. Undoubtedly, the team consists of experts in gaming, while their high-quality artwork speaks for itself. Also, the website is quite professional, while their Discord and Twitter accounts support the community’s needs. Even though the community is not quite big yet, the plans that appear on the roadmap make us believe that the project will attract more attention in the future.

Ford Mustang Cars
Entertaining Concept
Amazing & Professional Artwork
Professional & Transparent Team
Appealing Website & Easy to understand Roadmap
Small but Growing Community (not necessarily a negative)


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