False Idols

False Idols

An Evil Collection

False Idols
Release Date
March 17, 2022

False Idols – Cardano NFT

An art-based project that is committed in creating its future based on spontaneous decisions.


Currently there are a lot of projects that use fun, colorful and clean line work to present their artwork. However only a few of them actually bother to add a couple more details. Do not get me wrong, art is art and its definition differs for everyone, I am just making an entrance here!

False Idols is such a project that presents a collection of evilish characters in a fun and colorful way. Thus far, the identity of the project can be defined mainly as art-based. But without making any fancy promises the team leaves the future of the project open to possibilities. So, we just have to stay put and enjoy the artistic nature of the project till it becomes something more.


The team is comprised of three members and from what I’ve seen up to this point, they all have a vast experience in the NFT space.

Starting with the artist, we have Mahesvara, an artist that came to the Cardano blockchain after providing his work to the Ethereum and Tezos networks. Next, there’s Sean, the developer of the project. And lastly we have J Chillin, the community manager, who by the way does an excellent job so far.

Generally, it is worth noting the whole approach the team had up to this point with their project. What do I mean? Well, they took the slow path and created a community based on their initial moto, ‘..built by the community, for the community”, which can actually tell a lot about their intentions. Finally, the fact that they are willing to be as transparent as possible is another sign of credibility.

Discord & Twitter

Taking my above statement into account, them considering their community, I have to admit that this part is perfect as well. Now, they have created a hype around the project, however by delaying the launch I believe that more and more community members are past that hype. So, I am not sure if that was a strategy by itself but thanks to it the team can safely say that they have a supportive community. Aside from that, the community is altogether engaging in both Twitter and Discord.

If you want to follow False Idols social media you can check here:


The art pieces contain that clean line work, using a fun and vivid palette of colors. And to be honest, that palette is what gives meaning to such simplistic artwork. So, the collection is a depiction mainly skull characters but not limited to them only. Finally, I would like to note here that similar characters exist in both the Ethereum and Tezos networks by the same artist. And the question obviously is, there won’t be a problem with double pieces right?

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


Much like most of the sections in here, the website is pretty simple as well. And in my honest opinion, I think that it could be a lot more professional, in terms of its design. However, it contains all the information that one needs to understand the project completely.


The roadmap is a great representation of my opening line for the project, that it moves forward based on spontaneous decisions. Specifically, the team focuses on its first phase – drop, merch and lore – and as we progress they leave the door to possibilities open. In spite of that, I would like to point that the presentation could have been much better in their website. Meaning that the team could have used the one they have on Discord.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

False Idols has as it seems, a very experienced and talented team that detain from promising more than they can currently deliver. But rather they want to go with the flow. That deems the project as mysterious in my opinion, as we have no idea what surprises lurk in the dark.

False Idols
Fun & Mysterious Concept
Experienced, Transparent & what seems like a Credible Team
Supportive & Engaging Community
Colorful & Vivid Artwork
The Website could be more Professional (+ the presentation of the Roadmap)


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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