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Ethereal Art
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February 08, 2022

Ethereal Art – Ethereum NFT

A project lead by a talented woman that aims to strengthen female communities in the NFT world.


Ethereal Art is a project that wants to empower the female NFT community, lead by the distinguished Asia Ladowska. Her ambition is pretty simple – to attract more women into the NFT space, strengthen female artists and together create a talented community. As she mentions on the website, she herself is quite shy and unconfident. Which is why she wants to help women, through her project, to find their power and confidence. Consequently, the project offers female depictions of Japanese manga style, with the long-term aim to connect the physical and virtual worlds. Meaning IRL/digital collaborations, exclusive prints, coloring books, and much more.


As I have already mentioned the project is the creation of Asia Ladowska. Who is a very talented artist that decided to enter the NFT space. Specifically, she is a Graphics Design graduate in the UK, and a renowned manga illustrator. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that she has over a million followers on social media. Which means that not only she is recognized, but also that she can attract many of them to the NFT space. Finally, I would like to give credits to the development members of the team, as they are of course a big part of the project. So we have, Donn and JpegJanitor , who are the Community Managers. Moreover, we have PocketKiwi and Paul, the Developers of the project. And last but not least, CheddarTea, the Creative Consultant.

Discord & Twitter

The community is quite big counting more than 50k members, and Asia’s recognition probably is what’s helping it grow. Additionally, note that the community is quite active on Discord, which contains many interesting channels covering pretty much everything. What I understand by all of this, is that the Community Managers are doing a great job at supporting Discord’s function, by keeping the community engaged. 

If you want to follow Ethereal Art’s social media you can check here:


The artwork depicts female characters inspired by the Japanese style of manga and anime. Likewise, they are presented as delicate and dreamy characters, almost fragile, surrounded by butterflies, bubbles, or snowflakes. The result is mesmerizing, as the artist paid attention to even the smallest of details. Of course, this is an anime style art, so the strong lines and the vivid colors are dominant here. Finally, I should note that the female depiction is due to her ambition to attract women.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is well-designed and contains all the necessary information. I like that the artwork is present all around without being tiring. Also, the motion helps it feel more vivid and professional, and aligns with the artwork.


The roadmap is simple, clear and contains small and important steps that precede the drop. For example, I like the fact that Asia tries to firstly build a strong community.

For more details check the roadmap here.

Closing Thoughts

Ethereal Art is a project that through its artwork wants to attract more women into the NFT space. Also, the project’s artist is well-known across the industry and has a very professional team as it seems. Finally, along with the support of their strong community, it is very likely that the project will somehow succeed in its quest.

Ethereal Girl
Women-Empowerment Concept
Distinguished Artist
Supporting & Strong Community
High-Quality Artwork
Clear Roadmap & Professional Website


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