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Release Date
November 22, 2021

ERGnomes – Ergo NFT

ERGnomes is a unique and hand-drawn collectable Characters, Plants and Pets providing an artistic value on the Ergo ecosystem.


The concept surrounds the lore of the gnomes. Are you not familiar with the gnomes? A gnome is a mythological creature in Renaissance magic and alchemy. Nowadays, diminutive statues of gnomes are commonly used as lawn ornaments. Similarly, ERGnomes exist in the Ergo ecosystem as a digital ornament giving an artistic touch to your wallet. A really clever concept indeed that promotes its artistic value rather than a utility one.


To begin with, the team consists of four members, each an expert in his own field. First and foremost, we have Foeniculum the Creator and Artist of the project. Specifically, Foeniculum is mostly recognised by his involvement in projects like Insomnium and Wild Warriors. Then, we have 2bitDEV the Developer of the project and a developer for both Ergo and Harmony blockchains. As well as the creator of an Indie game on Harmony called FishFight. Furthermore, we have HazeyOneKenobi the Blockchain Expert. And last but not least, there’s Weskinner a Developer for both Ergo and Cardano blockchains. Besides the credibility that the team established, they are all really active and passionate about the continuation of this project.

Discord & Twitter

To evaluate this section, I firstly have to make clear that the Twitter of the Artist and that of the project are the same. This is because in this project we need to add value to the artwork itself through the artist and not into any utility. Therefore, I can expect that the community around ERGnomes is in it for the art. Even though, in Discord the community is quite small, I love the fact that they are all passionate about this project and whenever a new series comes out it is sold out immediately. Likewise, for its size the members are quite active and engaging in both Twitter and Discord. Finally, I could notice a collaboration ethic which is a great sign and mostly with Cardano based projects.

If you want to follow ERGnomes social media you can check here:


The artwork is honestly one of the top tier art-based illustrations there is in all the NFT ecosystems. I mean just look at the color combinations, the creativity and the work that was put into their creation. Isn’t this the purpose of an art-based project? To give us something that we would hold and be proud to own without having the constant need to get rid of.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is very simple and user friendly, with a matching artistic value. It contains a lot of useful information about the artwork and the project in general that can help someone get familiar with it. Overall, the end result is quite professional.


The roadmap does not exist, although I can justify the absense due to the fact that it is an art-based project. Traditionally, an artist moves on with his creations having some kind of inspiration to create. And you cannot rush inspiration into a roadmap.

Closing Thoughts

Even though the project exists in the Ergo ecosystem, it draws attention from the Cardano as well. That is due to the team’s efforts to collaborate with projects built on it. Obviously, the project has a strong and dedicated team. And with the addition of the amazing artwork it propels it to the top tier projects.

Strong Team
To some investors the absence of a Roadmap is a red flag


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