Horse and Jockeys together


Horse Racing, Breeding and Trading Game

Release Date
December 14, 2021

Equine – Cardano NFT

A Cardano NFT game that introduces us with an opportunity to not only own a horse but also to race with it.


Since the beginning of recorded history, horse racing was an organized sport for all major civilizations around the world. The most notable example is that of both the chariot and mounted horse racing in the Ancient Greek Olympics. As the years passed, people kept this tradition alive in the form of Horse Racing as we know it today. Specifically, a performance sport, typically involving two or more horses ridden by jockeys over a set distance. As a result the fastest horse is also the winner of the race.

Now, as the world becomes increasingly digital, blockchain plays a significant role in providing the opportunity for everyday people to get involved in this sport. In particular it allows everyone to own their own virtual horse and enjoy the excitement of virtual horse racing. Of course, this is made easy with the Equine NFT game. In particular, Equine is an equestrian management game that will run exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain; where users can race, breed and trade their NFT horses.

Furthermore, Equine is designed to be realistic in function featuring many unique elements. For instance the inclusion of aging mechanics which affects the growth and evolution of horses. Also, the inclusion of skin NFTs, a bonus feature that provides the game with a fun environment for the players. And finally the Jockeys; who add strategic depth to racing. So basically in Equine, the choice is yours. What are you going to choose? Race, Breed or Collect?


The team consists of two parts, both of course of equal importance. First and foremost, we have the Founders team that consists of four members. Fahad A. most commonly known among the CNFT Community as Fahadouken; a pioneering legend in the Cardano NFTs and the CEO of the project. Further, we have Nick A. an expert in the vending systems and the CTO of the project. Also, there’s Marek F. the CMO and last but not least Zac C. a horse expert of more than 20 years and the Chief Advisor on those matters.

Besides the Founders team, there is also the Equine Creative team, that are basically the minds behind the quality that we will analyze later on. Sadly there is not much on them and the only information we have is that it consists of 19 members, from Digital Artists to Music Composers. You can find more details on their roles in the Equine whitepaper. Now it is important to add here the level of credibility that the whole team inspires (without the need to mention their popularity among the Cardano NFT Community). And the level of transparency in the overall development of the project; features seen in very few projects.

You can get familiar with members of the team in the recent AMA session below:

Community (Social Media)

Equine is one of those projects that is highly anticipated by the Cardano Community. And I believe that as the ecosystem of Cardano grows, this game will reach unprecedented popularity; not only in the ecosystem’s community but in further ecosystems as well. Currently, it counts more than 20k members in both Twitter and Discord. And I have to say that they are all eagerly waiting for the Pioneer Launch. More importantly, I cannot describe in a written form, the amount of engagement and activity I see in their Social Media accounts. Consequently, making me wonder whether its the popularity of Fahadouken or everyone is a horse fan.

If you want to follow Equine’s social media you can check here:

Artwork & Game Graphics

There is not much to say about the artwork that is available; it definitely refers to every single taste, whether it’s a gamer or just a collector. Just a look at some of the sneak peaks will convince you that this is a well worked project. And even though we have no clues about the game graphics yet, the details on those Horses assure us that the whole game will be of the highest quality.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


This website besides the feeling that its the perfect match for the project, is what any serious NFT gaming project needs. It basically describes the project in a comprehensible summary and contains a team introduction, all the socials and a whitepaper for more information on the project. In short, this is a very professional website.


The roadmap is very straight forward, contains adequate information to understand that the team knows the path it must follow and the goal is clear – a high quality, fun play-to-earn game. Specifically, aside from the NFT sale that will happen in December 2021, we will have a continuous development throughout 2022. And a game launch sometime in Q3 2022.

For more details check the roadmap in the whitepaper here.

Closing Thoughts

I cannot say much else about the project as there were no drawbacks found in my research. In particular, the project has it all – a credible and transparent team, a concept that is popular according to history, an artwork that is of high quality and more importantly a truly enthusiastic community. Because as we all know, there is no success if there is no community behind a project.

Horse and Jockeys together
Credible & Transparent Team
High Quality Artwork with hints for the same Game Graphics
Popular and Interesting Concept
Enthusiastic and Supportive Community
Professional Website
Informative Roadmap


This site was created to give you an idea of the existing projects and in no condition should you invest in it just by reading the reviews. In each review you can find all the links to the project and I strongly urge you to do your own research before moving forward.

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