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Elrond Ducks
Release Date
December 29, 2021

Elrond Ducks – Elrond NFT

A project that utilizes its NFTs to reward the holders with a passive income.


Elrond Ducks is a generative collection of five thousand Ducks that live on the Elrond blockchain. And as an addition for holding these NFTs, the participants receive constant rewards from the Elrond Ducks DAO. In particular, the DAO was kickstarted with 50% of the funds raised from the minting process. Thus, it was able to start generating rewards without the need for any secondary market sales. And that happens with the DAO account being utilized as a farming machine for the MEX token. So, in summary, the more you hold your Ducks, the better it is for your passive income. Also, I have to add that even though the art-concept is really common, the project finds its identity in the face of their DAO system. That is, a simple artwork with a passive income utility for the holders.


To tell you the truth, I could not find any hints pointing to the members of the team, neither in the website nor in Discord. And the only information that I could dig up is that Pinky (Discord alias) is the founder of whattomint.io. For me researching the project, is quite a negative point and especially if a project uses a common artwork. So basically my questions are: Why should I trust an anonymous team that basically is the one distribuing the rewards? What assures me that the members won’t disappear and my NFTs will stop generating passive income? So I believe that it is necessary for some kind of exposure to the community.

Discord & Twitter

The community is what actually made me write this review for Elrond Ducks. It was practically all over my newsfeed on Twitter, so I instantly became curious to check it out. And I have to admit that this community is really passionate and supportive of this project. As a result, the Twitter engagement and Discord activity receive great amounts of volume. Finally, I noticed that the Discord server is a very interesting place to be if you value a fun environment. I just hope that it will continue in the same fashion moving forward.

If you want to follow Elrond Ducks social media you can check here:


The artwork uses a pixelated art-style that became popular after the success of Cryptopunks. Therefore it is very common as it is basically used by many blockchain platforms. More importantly, its commonality makes me value the passive income utility that was added. But of course, art is always subjective and as I always say: “You should like the artwork first before entering a project”.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website could use a little upgrade, as it seems to me that the information was just put there without much care about the aesthetics. Personally, I love a great website where a great design often can form an opinion about a project. And I cannot see that here. Aside from that it contains most of what you need to conduct a proper research and get familiar with the project as a whole. However, as I mention above it lacks a proper team introduction as well.


The roadmap is not so much of a roadmap as it is a walkthrough of the project since its launch. Therefore, I deem it a bit unnecessary, as it does not provide any insight on any future plans. Of course, that does not mean that it is a drawback overall but if the team wants to include one, they need to change its structure and add future plans in there.

For more details check here.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, we have a very cool concept that utilizes their funds to reward the community and this actually is what gives value to the artwork as well. Furthermore, the community is one of the best, in terms of support and engagement, that I have seen so far in the NFT space. And finally, I believe it is necessary to upgrade the website and roadmap alike, in order to start branding themselves as a top Elrond NFT project.

Elrond Ducks
Passive Income NFTs
Passionate & Supportive Community
No Team Information
Common Artwork
Informative but it definitely needs an upgrade
If there needs to be a Roadmap, it needs to include future plans


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