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Elrond Angry Penguins

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@HenryTG6 & @KKPoliti
Elrond Angry Penguins
Release Date
January 17, 2022

Elrond Angry Penguins – Elrond NFT

A project with environmental awareness that also aims to contribute to penguin protection.


Elrond Angry Penguins is a creation of long-time friends that asked a simple question, how to raise awareness about the destruction of our environment? The answer came pretty quickly with the help of the blockchain technology in the form of a NFT collection. Since the Arctic circle is the epicenter of the environmental destruction, the team chose their theme pretty quickly as well. And the angry penguins came to life. Most importantly though, the project not only raises awareness of this rapid climate change. But it also goes much deeper, by fundraising for certain NGOs protecting the Arctic environment.


It is clear to us that the team consists of all shorts of specialist, like coders, cryptocurrency experts, NFTs enthuasiasts, De-Fi etc. But, is that it? Aren’t we going to meet the members of the team? Since we have no other information, like identities, background or experience, how can we know for sure that this team is a credible one? However, there is one instance in which, I can skip this part and that is if the project provides artistic value and the artist wants to remain anonymous. So potential investors should make their choice on what they currently have and blindly trust the team, as well as their intentions. Of course, as I always suggest, by exposing themselves, they would probably end up gaining more trust and support.

Discord & Twitter

As it is universally known by now, Discord and Twitter are the main social platforms where all the NFT enthusiasts gather to form a project community. For Elrond Angry Penguins the community is, at the moment of writing, around 3k members, both socials combined. Interestingly enough, while the project has a rather small community, I can notice a great activity inside the Discord server. Of course, we should consider that the project is rather new, and the team seems to take their time by not rushing anything. So, I believe that with time the project can grow much more, but I strongly suggest to the team to promote the project more. And more importantly, to keep their community engaged at all times. A good example can be the addition of some events or even games in Discord.

If you want to follow Elrond Angry Penguins social media you can check here:


I am happy to see that the team has given to the artwork extra attention. Of course, it depicts some angry penguins in 3D form, that come in a variety of colors and accessories. To tell you the truth, the penguins are pretty simple but what gives them a sense of uniqueness are the detailed accessories, that I find amazing. Finally, what is interesting also, is that the owners of these NFTs will be able to customize them, however they like. And as a result affect their rarity.

You can see some examples of the artwork below:


The website is really simple, being a single page one, which makes it user-friendly as well. Also, I love the color minimalism, since there are two dominant colors (white and blue) matching the concept. My only objection is the fact that there is missing information. In other words, I would like to see a team introduction and an update to the roadmap.


The roadmap has a good structure and is nicely displayed. However, it just stops in December, therefore an update is required as soon as possible. To be fair, this goes only for the version that is on the website, as an update is live on Discord. Specifically, it displays the plans till Q2 of 2022 and contains their launch of the egg collection, a marketplace and the implementation of a passive income.

Closing Thoughts

Angry Penguins is a fairly new project, still at its first steps. It offers high-quality and detailed artwork that is based on a very touching concept. However, it has its negatives as well, as I deem it necessary for us to have a team introduction, for credibility issues. Also, they should promote the project further for community growth. And finally some minor updates on the website are of course welcomed.

Elrond Angry Penguins
Environmentally Conscious Concept
Detailed Artwork
Informative Roadmap
User-Friendly Website (needs some updates)
Team Introduction is absent
Small Community


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